rob and shantel

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There are few people who can encourage you, inspire you, enlighten you and uplift you… but my dearest clever handsome @brettgoldstein you are one of the rare! You encourage me to eat junk food beyond my stomachs capacity. You inspire me to take that Zumba class despite my issues with rhythm. You enlighten me with your bold fashion choices. You uplift me with your self deprecating childhood jokes. In all my experiences with you laughter is present and food is the foundation! We have experienced and consumed so much over the years of our friendship.  I love you more than the dozens of gluten filled donuts I used to consume with you! Above all I’m grateful for your life and eyebrows each day. Happy Birthday Bestie! #happybirthday


@therealshantel: I am a lucky girl to call this bright soul one of my dearest friends! He was born with dashing good looks and wit for days. One of the most clever, intelligent, funny, caring people I have ever known. It’s so rare to have forged a friendship like this and I feel blessed for you everyday. We have been through so much professionally and personally and wouldn’t change any part of it! For 34 years you have graced this world and I am so proud to watch you do great things with every passing day! You have taught me to be brave, to fight for who I am, to see the superhero inside me, and to live life with childlike wonder. This world is a better place because of you! Happy birthday bestie @robertearlbuckley xoxo #clinn #partnersincrime (x)