rob and mariel


So I was watching the Jennifer Lopez tribute to Selena on Youtube and the first comment was “I wish they used more Selena influenced outfits”, I’m like O_o are we looking at the same thing??? Those outfits are definitely Selena influenced, the wardrobe was on point and you can easily recognize which outfits were inspired by Selena. Donatella Versace and the team at Versace did a phenomenal job by drawing Selena’s influence and style into those outfits for Jennifer. If anyone knows, Selena was a fashionista at heart, and designed all out her stage costumes, and actually wanted to be a Fashion designer before singing was a notion. She would actually wear these outfits if she were still alive and performing today, not only that she would also be ecstatic that one of the most famous fashion houses in the industry designed outfits in her honor. Jennifer’s styling team and Donatella Versace and the team at Versace did an amazing job.