rob and keith

possible reasons why keith got expelled from the garrison

  • he was never even enrolled he just walked in one day and by the time they realised a full year had already passed
  • eating pencil shavings
  • using the faculty bathroom and wrapping the soap dispenser in so much toilet paper that it couldn’t be used
  • writing ‘where’s shiro’ on his forehead in sharpie and smashing his head through iverson’s door at 3am
  • they caught him with his phone in an exam but he wasn’t cheating he was just watching kitten videos and gently patting the screen
  • 'do you know you’re late mr kogane?’ 'do you know you have a receding hairline?’
  • 'where’s your homework mr kogane?’ 'where are your eyebrows?’
  • 'go to the gym tomorrow for detention’ 'too bad i’ll be at your funeral instead’
  • shaving off the edges of his desk with a metal ruler
  • closing his eyes and snoring in the middle of a sentence iverson was saying to him
  • getting out of the flight simulator, ripping his shirt off and screaming
  • duct taping himself to the school flagpole and belching out 'where’s shiro’ like some 22nd century mulleted Ulysses
  • leaving notes in lance’s locker saying 'i like you more than handsome squidward’
  • lighting wastepaper baskets on fire
  • in home ec, when they were cooking burgers, the patty fell on the floor and he put it back in the bun
  • stealing a hoverbike
  • wearing socks with sandals
  • writing 'keitholas’ on all his exams
  • picking up a bin in the cafeteria and throwing it, raining trash on everyone’s heads, because they ran out of pudding cups
  • iverson pulls back his blanket at night to go to sleep and he sees keith curled into a ball, wheezing 'where’s shiro?’
  • growing a mullet

Keith + His Friends → Pidge

Pidge: Dad used to tell me about how close he was with his crew members. They were like family. Now I understand what he was talking about. I’m staying with you guys. Let’s stop Zarkon for all our families.

Keith: Good to have you back on the team.

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The Outsiders Conversations (based on actual conversations I've heard at school)

Ponyboy: I spent an hour on my hair this morning and now it’s messed up!
Johnny: …. Because you slept on the bus..
Ponyboy: Yeah but I used aquanet so it should’ve been fine, I thought


Steve: Wanna fight bro?
Sodapop: Do what?
Steve: Ya wanna fight.. bro?
Sodapop: I beg your pardon?
Sodapop: I’m doing my algebra homework. We can in Spanish next period
Steve: Alright lit


Dallas: Why the fuck are the peanut butter cookies 3 quarters but the chocolate chip ones are 2? They’re both the same size!
Two-Bit: Ain’t that called discrimination?


Darry: Homie what the matter?
Sodapop: that girl I was talking to bro
Darry: what about her?
Sodapop: she got someone on the side
Darry: shit fam
Sodapop: yeah she got a girlfriend
Darry: bro



vm rewatch � 3x08 Lord of the Pi’s

anonymous asked:

could you do a head cannon with dally and she's a curtis

of course i can sweet pea! :) (lil bit of my southern personality there xD)


- wELP when darry first found out he was a lil bit upset.

- he knew dally was bad news and he didn’t want you to get into trouble

- darry would legitimately give dally speeches

- “dal, I swear if she gets put in the cooler because of you, i’ll skin you. ya hear?”

- “jesus christ, man, I know what would happen. I ain’t stupid.”

- soda would become reALLY overprotective of you

- like he would never leave you two by yourselves

- let’s be real here, pony would make fun of dally because he started dating you

- “ooh, so you’re with (Y/N) again, huh?”

- “shut your trap, pony.”

- all three of your brothers would support you

- but they never knew what you saw in dally

- soda would constantly give you dating advice

- like you wouldn’t even ask for it and he would give it to you

- “so how’d the date go?”

- “good. it was fun, I guess.”

- “okay, so next time, you really wanna get his attention…”

- they all would be really overprotective because of dal’s reputation

- darry would go full on dad-mode on date nights

- “now, I want her home by 10.”

- “maybe.”

- “nO there is no maybe. she wILL BE HOME by 10.”

- it was rly funny because it happened all the time.

- but they would never get in the way of anything because they trusted you and supported your decisions

A/N: really hoped you liked these! feel free to request anytime!! :)

Everyone on here debating over Lotor being Keith’s evil counterpart or Lance’s counterpart and I’m like did you not hear that speech he’s clearly Allura’s counterpart you fools stop robbing her character and shoving it into Lance especially. 

Seriously you have the princess of Altea, daughter of Alfor, and the prince of the Galra, son of Zarkon. Both diplomats, very charismatic, make speeches that touch their audiences, underestimated and doubted until they prove themselves, powerhouses, etc etc

For god’s sake, I get arguing for Keith’s foil since they’re both thrown into leader’s role and described as hotheads, but stop making everything about Lance when he’s probably gonna get his own foil soon. Stop taking everything from Allura and giving it to him I’m sick of it! You can’t let her even have the simplistic of story narratives. 

Two Bit Matthews(Emilio Estevez) protects Johnny Cade(Ralph Macchio) from his mother in a rare deleted scene from The Outsiders(1983)


Halloween 2k17 (x)

Frank Skinner as Kylo Ren
David Baddiel as Vincent van Gogh
Konnie Huq as her silenced Twitter account and Charlie Brooker as Mario
Aisling Bea and Sara Pascoe as characters from The Handmaiden’s Tale
Jimmy Carr as David S. Pumpkins
Keith Lemon as a character from The Lost Boys
David Mitchell as Dracula in his coffin and Victoria Coren Mitchell as dead Alice
Rob Beckett as a zombie newlywed

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Sodapop Curtis Imagine

Warnings: Body Image


You never liked the way you looked. You always thought that there was someone better. Being Sodapop’s girlfriend didn’t really help your self esteem because you always saw beautiful girls that wanted him to be theirs instead of yours.

You got from work and it was a day sent to you by the devil. To make it even worse, you drove by the DX and saw a beautiful, blonde-headed girl flirting with Soda. Of course he was oblivious, and he thought nothing of it. And normally this wouldn’t bother you because it was normal, but today it really stung.

You walked in the door of your house and immediately went back to your room. You closed the door and sat down on the bed, beginning to think. You thought about how Soda deserves someone better than you. You looked over at the full length mirror and walked over to it. Looking at yourself, you started to cry. Your sobs echoed through the whole house, but you didn’t care. No one was in there with you.

Or, that is what you thought at least.

Soda walked in the door and heard you crying, so he was quiet. He walked back to your room and quietly opened the door, watching you. He had never seen you cry like this before. And the worst part was, you had no idea that he was watching.

You unbuttoned your flannel and took it off, leaving you in only your bra and your jeans. You found every little flaw. You found every stretch mark, every freckle, every mole and you started to cry harder. You thought that you were (too fat/too skinny) and you thought so many negative things.

“God,” you said quietly, “why am I not as pretty as these other girls? Why am I not like them? He deserves better than me. He has all these gorgeous girls wanting him, but he still chose me. I don’t understand. He picked the worst one.”

This is when Soda decided to step in. He stepped closer to you and said, “(Y/N), I did not pick the worst one.”

“Oh no,” you sniffed, “how much did you hear?”

“I heard just enough,” he walked over and gripped you in a tight hug. “Why did you say all that stuff about yourself?”

“Because it’s all true. I am ugly and you deserve someone so much better.”

“(Y/N) please, never think that. I chose you because you’re you.”

“But–,” he stopped you before you could finish.

“Look baby, beauty comes in all kinds of different forms, but yours is my favorite,” he smiled and you did too.

A/N: I am so sorry, this is so terrible and cringe. If you liked it though, good for you. Thanks for reading!

When Shiro wants a baby with Lance

-Shiro never knew he wanted a baby. Before he met Lance, his life was only about his job on the force and his brother Keith.

-Then he met Lance. He had come to the station to interpret for one of his ESL student’s parents who had been robbed.

-Unfortunately, Keith had been the one to take their statement. And now Lance was riled up and spewing curses in Spanish at Keith who looked mad enough to pop a blood vessel.

-Shiro was the lucky guy who had to separate them. Which was actually lucky cause hey, you’re cute, you’re pretty funny, and you’re an omega who just stood up to a very intimidating alpha.

-2 years, a bonding, and a marriage later, the couple had finally gotten the chance (and the vacation time) to visit Lance’s family in Cuba.

-It’s a fantastic time. But the best moment for Shiro was seeing Lance play with his new niece.

-Lance had that two-year-old giggling non-stop. He would be tossing her in the air, tickling her feet, kissing her face all over. Both of them were happier together than Keith in a knife store (and that’s pretty happy).

-Shiro was entranced watching his mate. Lance was just so natural with all his siblings and nieces/nephews. Shiro couldn’t help but imagine their own home bursting with people and love.

-Shiro would have jumped Lance that night and insisted on making babies with the omega, but the family room couch wasn’t exactly the best place.

-Instead, Shiro just pulls Lance into his chest and whispers that he wants to start a family with him.

-Lance has tears in his eyes as he looks to Shiro, asking if he’s sure. Lance had been waiting so long but didn’t want to make his mate feel guilty if he wasn’t ready.

-Shiro reassures Lance, and they agree to try during Lance’s next heat.

-They share the sweetest kiss, lingering lips sharing every ounce of their feelings, before drifting off in each other’s arms

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Sad headcanons for being Sodas best friend please and thank you with a cherry on top?

of course bby! feel free to request anytime!!

- he always told you that you deserved a better best friend 

- you always disagreed with him

- when you told him all of the positive things about himself, he would cry

- “soda, why are you crying?”

- “because I made you think all of these things about me that aren’t true”

- “they are all true, please stop putting yourself down”

- he would always compare himself to other people

- he said that he would never be as smart as pony

- he said he would never be as strong and dependable as darry

- you knew how he felt but you told him what you had wished someone had told you.

- “but, I ain’t like them. I am different and I don’t wanna be.”

- “you are you. you don’t need to change for anyone.” 

- he would always smile when you would make him feel better

- he went through a phase where he tried to be like his friends

- you finally got him away from everyone else and talked to him

- “look, you are my best friend because you are you. don’t change for anyone.”

- you always envied Sandy because she took soda away from you

- you cried every night and prayed that he would at least come to talk to you

- and he did. he knocked on your door and apologized for everything

- when sandy left, he came straight to you

- he told you everything

- he nEVER told anyone but you about how he felt about Sandy

- you were always his shoulder to cry on

- and he was yours

- when he was leaving for Vietnam, he didn’t want to see you, because he knew he would break

- but when he saw you, he did

- you did too

- he gave you a bone crushing hug and made so many promises

- “I swear to god, (Y/N), I will come back”

- he came back, just like he promised you

- when he came back, he visited you first

- he changed because you know, the war

- after that, you all were closer than ever

- you all thanked god that he made you both best friends

- you both loved each other more than anyone would know

A/N: this turned out longer than I had thought it would, but if you don’t like it, I can re-write it. thanks for requesting!

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