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Tbh, why don’t YouTubers go on strike over the overboard demonetization of practically all the creators? 
I mean, privatize their videos/channels for a day to show Youtube that we come to Youtube for the creators. 

Think about it.
When the viewers get mad at YouTube because they can’t watch their favorite channels (not to mention the money YouTube will see that they will be losing from the loss of views) maybe Youtube will realize they need to ease up a bit, because with no creators, Youtube won’t make any more money either?


rob and corinne from threadbanger as teachers at asagao academy,,,

rob: the art teacher who doesn’t really know what he’s doing anyway so everyone passes his class and he pretty much hurts himself somehow everyday
corinne: the always drunk cooking teacher who makes the B E S T desserts and everyone fucking loves her and she might also be a witch????


@jointhefight said: Have you ever heard of threadbanger because their channel would basically be peggy’ and john’s
I watched them for the first time the other day thanks to your comment. Oh my gosh, there were a LOT of very John/Peggy-esque moments that I wanted to draw but when I saw THIS gem of an opening...that was it, the deal was sealed.

I feel like they’d be a mix of Rob/Corinne and Rosanna Pansino/Kurt Schneider (take that how you will).

So I uh, got a tattoo today. I’ll post another picture when it’s healed and will obviously look better. The guy (who was very sweet) didn’t do it exactly to my drawing, but I still love it because it’s more about the meaning and not being perfect.

It’s a bunch of YouTubers who I either grew up watching, who I share beliefs with, or who shaped me and my humour. Let’s see who we’ve got:

The “ ‘ELLO” is from Pinkstylist
The cat whiskers are from Dan @danisnotonfire and Phil @amazingphil
The lime is UPPERCASEchase @chaseross
The brofist is obviously PewDiePie
The checkered tie is TomSka @thetomska
The crank (Gizmo) is Crankgameplays @crankgameplays
The moustache/ mask is JammiDodger @jammi-dodger
The dragon crest is ThreadBanger @threadbanger
The eye (Septic Eye Sam) is Jacksepticeye @therealjacksepticeye
The box (Tiny Box Tim) is Markiplier @markiplier
The red swirly thing (it’s hair) is Boyinaband @davebiab
The banana is Jack & Dean
The MMBB is Jacksfilms (me me BIG boy)
The Kill Me mug is Steven Suptic 8
The Cry Guy is Cryaotic
The CS is CaptainSparklez

And that’s it. For now at least. I hope they see it!!


CapitolTV is pleased to announce the arrival of an all-new program; DISTRICT VOICES! Join your favorite YouTube creators for this special 5-episode series, featuring a glimpse at the productivity, and creativity, thriving in Panem’s districts… Sanctioned by the Capitol Ministry of Information, DISTRICT VOICES was made with friends from Google.

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TUESDAY - District 2: 
Experience the pride & power one must possess to join the ranks of the Capitol’s noble Peacekeeper force, featuring tutelage and insight from District 2’s Senior Peacekeeper Training Officer Shane Fazen, of the instructional MMA & self-defense instruction YouTube channel ‘fightTIPS’.

WEDNESDAY - District 5: 
Venture deep into District 5’s ‘Coriolanus Nine’ power facility to join Chief Energy Researcher Derek Muller, known for his mind-blowing experiments and scientific discussions on YouTube channel ‘Veritasium’, as he shows us how Panem manages its electricity needs.

THURSDAY - District 9:
Join us for a hearth-warming baking how-to from the Grain District’s Jimmy Wong & Ashley Adams, best known for their ‘Feast of Fiction’ cooking channel, celebrating Panem’s most cherished victor; Peeta Mellark!

FRIDAY - District 6:
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anonymous asked:

Your most recent edit was flagged as sensitive, even though it is not. Just thought I'd let you know

What happened? I have no idea. There’s nothing sensitive about it; it’s literally just an egg pun with Rob and Corinne. I’m sorry you guys got blocked from it. :/ 

As far as I know, there isn’t a way to refute a block. Or if there is, I’ll need to figure out the necessary actions. This is a new function, so I’m not sure how to navigate it yet.

I super-disagree with the way the website is implementing the sensitive-material blocker, because a definition of “sensitive” is so arbitrary, and making it mandatory for everyone under 18 is just a disaster. Frankly, it’s not tumblr’s job to police what teenagers see online; that’s on their parentals. And the fact that tumblr is blocking non-sensitive material simply for having to do with certain 🌈 identities is just abhorrent. I grew up in a small, super-conservative town, and when I was a teenager, the internet was a lifeline in helping me figure out my identity and recognize that I wasn’t broken, and in helping me learn about other identities I’d never encountered irl. 

But back to the actual topic: I don’t know why that post was blocked, and at the moment, I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do to refute it. I’m sorry this website is such a mess. :/


District Voices - all new from Capitol TV - First Episode. 

Who knew Peacekeeper uniforms were so versatile? Discover another side to District 8 with Rob & Corinne, as they demonstrate the many possibilities for excess textile materials and resins, only on CapitolTV.