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History of YOI fandom

As a YOI fandom grandparent, I felt it was my duty to write out all the fandom explosions for the newer fans who weren’t there to witness the big bang and gradual week-by-week creation of this universe. All the arguments, people blowing things out of proportion, blaming characters, death theories, awesome fans clearing up miscommunications, YOI breaking the internet… 

This isn’t a post to call out specific people on their arguments and theories - I’ll stay respectfully away from restarting flames and picking fights, thankyouverymuch. Rather, this is an overview of the topics and conflicting views that swept across hundreds and thousands of people and prompted strong reactions. I’m doing this now, because I know that 6 months later, 1 year later, 3 years later, etc. there will be new fans who will have many of the same exact arguments. We’ve been there and done that. I see fans now who say things without knowing where the spelling/quote comes from, or who don’t realize how much has changed, or don’t know why there are certain perceptions of characters. So here’s a little bit of passing down history.

I also don’t want to forget the crazy ride this was. Laugh with me at the silly theories; smile with me at how deeply YOI has impacted our lives.
For those of us old-timers, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember when…

(Large arguments will be italicized or bold. Special thanks to @sachiro for reminding me of a bunch of stuff I missed, and looking over the draft in its various stages of being written and edited.)


  • Idea that there would be a love triangle (Yuri P.–Yuri K.–Victor)
  • Some fans started spelling Yuri Katsuki with two “u” in order to tell them apart.
  • Victuri ship name created for Victor x Yuri K. (in a comment to the PV)
  • The title
    • “lol ‘Yuri’ on Ice? Where are all the lesbians?”
    • “When it said Yuri on Ice, I thought we would get girls. Y’know what I mean?”
    • “Yuri on Ice? More like Yaoi on Ice! amiright?”
    • etc.
  • J.J. misspelling (English spelling “Jean Jack” instead of French Canadian “Jean-Jacques”)
    • you can see the remnants of this in the audience banners during the episodes, but it was corrected to “Jean-Jacques” on the official website and the in-show text
  • Phichit x Seung-gil ship created (there was more art for this than for Victor x Yuuri)

Episode 1

  • Victor vs. Viktor spelling arguments 
    • Although “Victor” is the official spelling and seen in-show, people argued that the creators are wrong and that we fans know better than them about Russian culture - thus the “Viktor” spelling was born.
    • People argued back that spelling is subjective and you can spell a name multiple ways and still be correct - thus transliterating his Russian name into English as “Victor” would be just as acceptable.
    • The YOI wiki held fast for a time on using official spellings and information from the official website, but the transition of power led to a new team that started using agreed-upon info rather than solely using official info. “Viktor” replaced “Victor” on the website.
      • this change from “Victor” to “Viktor” on the wiki happened around episode 2~3, but the arguments were in the page comments since episode 1 – with moderators explaining their reasoning with sticking to official sources.
  • Victor is a flirtatious over-the-top character who will seduce Yuuri
  • Victor is the overwhelming seme and Yuuri is the shy whimpering uke.

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Do you know what really pisses me off?

So when Malia Bouattia—a non-black Maghrebi woman who identifies as “politically black”—was elected to her position as president of the NUS, there were all these articles about how she was “the first black woman” elected to the position.

But now Shakira Martin has been elected to replace Bouattia, and there hasn’t been one goddamn peep about her being the first actual black woman to be elected NUS president. 

Malia Bouattia says she’s all about solidarity but she straight up robbed a black woman of an honour she was due, which is…massively shitty? Ugh. 

anonymous asked:

Is Libya anti black? Since you're half black libyan have you noticed that?

I have been waiting for a question like this, thank you for asking.

Let me clear something up:
When you see a photo of Black people in Libya being slaughtered with a caption that Libya is now anti-black because gaddafi is dead that is completely BS. This is the result of, often western black people seeing photos of white or Arab Libyan people attacking or killing a black person, and assuming that because gaddafi “loved” black African countries, Anti-gaddafi Libyans are somehow also anti-black. NOT TRUE.

1. During the revolution, gaddafi was losing soldiers because many people were finally leaving his side, this lead him to hire mercenaries. Because south of Libya is Chad, there were a lot of mercenaries from there. Now, back to Libyan rebels killing them, this was out of self defense, or in general fighting the gaddafi regime. It was not anti-black violence, although it can easily be seen that way.

2. Gaddafi wrote in his green book something along the lines describing black people as never succeeding and one day they finally will as a race… Not true. Although anti-blackness is a global issue, us black people have had our own civilizations in Africa long before Europeans. This kind of also goes in hand with #3.

3. Many black Muslim groups love and adore gaddafi because he often vouched for them, and yeah maybe that might be true. He donated tons of money to black African countries as well. But this was at the cost of Libyan lives and money. He robbed us, and by us that includes all Libyans, black, white, amazigh, Arab etc Libyans of our money and left many of us robbed and poor. PLUS, the amazigh language was practically banned, as well as the culture, Jewish Libyans were practically banned under gaddafi. I’ll let you decide if that makes someone a good ruler/person. I’m sure if you search hard enough you can find something good about every dictator… but that is no reason to erase what he has done to his own people.

To conclude, definitely, Libyans in Libya are sometimes anti-black, calling us Abeed, and we are often denied when wanting to marry lighter skinned Libyans. I am NOT trying to excuse the racism from Arab and white Libyans because it actually disgusts me. This is a global issue, and is definitely worse in other Arab countries unfortunately. But what deeply bothers me is when people think that Libya is violent towards black people because gaddafi died, or that somehow his regime promoted a great, equal state which was not the case. There were many many black Libyans killed by gaddafi, many fighted to free Libya of him. Including many of my black libyan family members. There were black libyan rebels who fought against the brutal gaddafi regime. It is utterly disrespectful to them.

Often when people argue that he was this amazing man, they pull up quotes, and some photo of Libya destroyed post-revolution. As a person who has lived in Libya, prior to the revolution it was a mess, wasn’t free, and people were living terribly. Asking elders, who lived before gaddafi came into power they will tell you how much more Libya thrived in equality, opportunity, and culture. Although it is also struggling now, it is a fact that he was a dictator. It is not a large conspiracy and I am far more than exhausted of non-Libyans who didn’t care of Libya while we had been struggling for 42 years show ME “facts” of how “great” it was for us. He was a brutal dictator.

Winchesters x reader (and Garth)

Warnings: Language

WitchPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

 Oh no. 

Oh no no no!

 This was not how your Monday was supposed to end! 

“Let me go!” You plead with your brother, struggling between him and another member of your coven as they dragged you towards the pyre. “Elzah, please!" 

"I’m sorry, (Y/N),” your brother whispers, his face strained, “you were chosen. This is for the good of the coven —.”

 "No!“ You shriek, wrenching yourself against their tight holds. "No!”

 You weren’t prepared for this! You dig your heels into the fertile grass of the field they were dragging you across, torches the only light. 

They were placed strategically into a star with the pyre at the center, fresh kindling piled neatly and perfectly, like it had been for the past three weeks. 

For the past three other girls.

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Got em’... Wait!! || Theoline

Caroline wasn’t sure what she got herself into this time. Knowing Tootles, and the rest of the boys, pranks were a must in their connections. It was practically Tootles life. She would know cause after every prank she’d get a call, or a Tootles at her door. Not that she was going to complain. This time was different though, Caroline had agreed to pull a prank with him. Making sure Peanut was set up with all he needed she slipped out and made her way to his room, dressed in all black like she was going to rob him or something. Knocking she looked around making sure no one was looking at her, hood up and everything. “Tootles… open up.” She mumbled leaning against the door completely as she talked into the crack. 



Lexi almost immediately latched onto Cyn when we walked in, while I told her I would catch up with her later on and went on a hunt for Rocky.

I ducked and dodged a lot of muthafuckas that was trying to get my attention. I didn’t know what the fuck they wanted with me, I didn’t come here to converse with any of them so their best bet was to stay the fuck out of my way for the night if they didn’t want to get their feelings hurt.

“Look at this nigga” Rocky said jokingly the moment I found him “Looking like he about to rob somebody, he said I’ma dress like my girl today in all black. Ole I’m going to a funeral ass nigga” he joked

Traci who was sitting on his lap, chuckled “Shut the fuck up Rocky, hi Alex” she shook her head “Why are you dressed like that? I hate Christmas just as much as you do but at least I don’t look it” said

“I really wasn’t trying to leave my house, this was what I had on when Cyn told me to come pick her up and I wasn’t changing” I muttered as I leaned against the fence

They were tucked away in some spot in the backyard.

“Has Leah found you yet?” She asked

“Would I be here if Leah found me?” I asked

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