rob sunglasses

I apologize...

Guinea pig!Au for Metal.

Bruce Dickinson (same expression, dude!)

Rob Halford (blond, sunglasses and jewels!)

The Manowar Guinea Pig, ready for the battle.

Ronnie James Dio (ah! those curls!!)

Scandinavian Metal Guinea Pig. Could be Alexi Laiho =P 

And last, but not least…

DAVE MUSTAINE!!! (It’s CLEARLY Dave Mustaine, look at him!!!)


Florida scene:
R: You were supposed to wear a bikini in this scene.
K: They would never let Bella wear a bikini
They made fun of Bella’s sunglasses, Rob called it ‘Stepford Wives’ glasses
Rob called the quilt “a nice rug”
Rob: “The two-headed snake from Appaloosa”