roayl navy

The Dutch Raid on the Medway at the mouth of the River Thames where the Dutch navy destroyed fifteen of the Royal Navy’s last remaining ships during the Second Anglo-Dutch war of 1667. The daring raid remains England’s greatest naval disaster to date and lead to a quick end to the war with a Dutch dictated peace treaty. The HMS Royal Charles was towed back to the Netherlands as a trophy and its coat of arms is still on display in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to this day

11. Someone you miss.

There are three people I miss every single day:- Donny, Jamie & Grandad.

I’ll dedicate this post to my grandfather seeing as he’s been on my mind so much the last few days.
I’m so excited excited to be getting a tattoo in your honour this September for my nineteenth. In the middle of research atm to make it as special as I can and I’ve come across alot of stuff from when you ware in the Royal Navy. I’m so proud descovering all your medals, I wish I could ask you in person about your time of duty, it’s mental thinking you were only 16 when you joined and the war started, younger than me, and you were ment to be 18 before you could join, sly Grandad ;)

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HM LST Thruster, the ship you served on.

I still get upset when Mammy or anyone else tells me stories about you and how wonderful you were, half of them happy tears because of how proud I am to be your granddaugher, half of them sad because I miss you so, so much.

I was only little when you died, 7 years with you really wasn’t enough, I know that that was the first and only time my heart’s truly been broken. I’ll always be your “bub”.