roasted veggie quinoa bowl with miso tahini sauce

anonymous asked:

can you give me some dinner ideas pls? (some summer dinner ideas would be great too!)

Guys I think I should compile a massive page of food and meal ideas if you would like me to do so please like this thang!

But in the meanwhile these are some lovely things you can try:

-fried rice quinoa—an amazing way to clear out leftovers and bits and bobs of veggie, I love mine sauteed with roasted cashews, sticky broiled tofu, edamame, corn, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, beansprouts and Japanese furikake seasoning+dark soy sauce. So good unffff

-SUSHI. Always sushi—rolls, maki, stuffed with all those lovely veg and served with pickled ginger or whatnot (Can be served cold for summer)

-buddha bowls of quinoa/rice with lightly steamed or roasted veggies drizzled with lemon juice/tahini dressing and roasted sweet potatoes/falafel/veggie patties/grilled tofu (Can be served cold for summer)

-mezze platters of roasted veggie kabobs, toasted fluffy pita/flatbread, hummus, tzatziki, falafel, a wedge of lemon

-a roasted sweet potato stuffed with peanut butter, banana, dark chocolate, toasted nuts and roasted berries and cinnamon/quinoa kale cranberry salad/black bean salsa

-noodles/pasta—stirfry, in a miso soup with wakame and tofu and veggies, tossed with pesto, marinara sauce, olive oil dressing and all that jazz (Can be served cold for summer)

-Sometimes when you have 0 appetite for dinner toast is always a good idea—have it with hummus/smashed avo/peanut butter/nutella or whichever and yknow whatever makes you happy (Can be served cold for summer)

-Sandwiches/wraps—flavor combos here (Can be served cold for summer)

-sweet potato fries and a side salad—tomatoes, romaine, cucumber, alfalfa, bell peppers etc

-pumpkin soup with toast unf such a comfort


-curries/stews with rice/naan/toast!