roasted malt


What can you do on a cloudy October day in Chania, when the sea is the same grayish blue as the covered sky and the chill of the nearing winter starts to creep in? If you’re an ant like those small dark folks, you’ll go on gathering straws for your fungus culture (I just assume here ok?). But if you’re a tourist and don’t mind walking tens of kilometers a day, you’ll spend your day walking around the old Venetian town - all the time while keeping an eye on the sea, because that’s the reason you are here after all. Yep, even as the evening approaches the sea is still menacingly dark and the skies are still covered and bland… this dark Beaufort 7 of the house Nissos is then the one who should lighten up my day. Roasted malts with hints of figs and uh maybe even coffee, if anybody tells you Greece has only bad beers just ignore them - they truly have no clue.


This porter for me was love at first sip! Sampled from a bottle, the porter poured an opaque very dark brown - nearly black. A lasting dark beige head, sat atop the beer, and left nice lacing as it receded. The nose contained notes of chocolate, as well as coffee, roasted malts, caramel, molasses and a slight herbal earthiness and smoke. The taste is rich and complex with layers of flavour. Notes of chocolate and coffee abound, with toasted malts, caramel malts, a touch of smoke and herbal leafy hops. The mouthfeel is full bodied and creamy smooth, with ‘just-enough’ carbonation. It is a beautiful example of the style, highly recommended.

6.5% Grand Rapids, Michigan  45 IBU