roasted child

In 1974, when Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was 17-years-old, he beat and choked an 8-year-old boy after luring him into his car under the pretence of being a police officer. He received one year of probation for this crime. Three years later, Bar-Jonah kidnapped two young boys, forced them to undress, and then attempted to strangle them. One boy escaped and contacted the police. When the police tracked him down, they found the other boy handcuffed inside the trunk of his car. He was charged with attempted murder and served 14 years. He attacked another young boy just three weeks after his released. He was arrested but with freed without bail, but a deal had been made in which Bar-Jonah had to leave Massachusetts and live in Montana with his family, which he did. Bar-Jonah didn’t have trouble with the police until 1999, when he was arrested in Great Falls, near an elementary school. Like before, he had been impersonating a police officer and was carrying a stun gun and pepper spray.

As a result of this arrest, his house was searched and authorities uncovered thousands of images of young boys and a list of boy’s names from Massachusetts and also Great Falls. Authorities also found encrypted writings, which were decoded by the FBI and found to include alarming statements such as ‘little boy pot pie’, ‘little boy stew’, and ‘lunch is served on the patio with roasted child’. They also uncovered 13 different human bones that were never identified. It is believed that he had also kidnapped 10-year-old Zachary Ramsay, who had disappeared on his way to school, and then murdered him and cut up the body to cook in stews which he then served to neighbours,who later said he often brought them dishing including “strange tasting” meat. In July, 2000, Bar-Jonah was prosecuted for the earlier abductions and sexual assault, including the torture of a young boy by hanging him by the ceiling. He received a 130 year sentence and passed away in 2008.

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what would you do if a child got lost in and found your lair, you can't exactly let them stew it out in the torture chamber...

Do I detect a hint of suspicion that I would allow a child to roast itself raw in my torture chamber? Perish the thought. What sort of devil do you take me for?

Do you have the faintest idea how difficult it would be to scrub melted child remnants off of the mirrors?


Nathaniel Bar-Jonah (born David Paul Brown) was a convicted serial child rapist and suspected cannibal that was the prime suspect of the kidnapping and murder of 10-year old Zachary Ramsay in 1996. Before he resided in Great Falls, Montana where the kidnapping occurred, he was on probation for several sexual offenses against children. Due to the fact that Megan’s Law had not been set into effect at that time, Nathaniel was not required to register as a sex offender. He changed his name and moved to Montana. 

During the investigation, Nathaniel’s house was searched and there were many disturbing discoveries. Bone fragments, a child’s hair found in a meat grinder, and disturbing recipes, written in code for dishes like “little boy pot pie” and “lunch is served on the patio with roasted child.” None of these matched Zachary’s DNA. After Zachary Ramsay’s disappearance, Nathaniel began hosting frequent dinner parties and other gatherings, serving “deer” meat he claimed he had hunted to his guests, despite not owning a rifle or possessing a hunting license.

Due to that fact that Zachary’s mother refused to cooperate with the investigators and the lack of evidence, Nathaniel was never found guilty for the disappearance of Zachary (even though there were many eye-witness accounts stating they saw Nathaniel in the alleyway where Zachary was during the same time and someone even saw the vehicle that he drove, try and run Zachary over. Unfortunately, no one saw exactly what happened to him. Zachary was declared dead in 2011.

Bar-Jonah was later convicted and sentenced to 130 years in prison for abducting and assaulting 3 other boys. He died in his prison cell in 2008. 

A Summary of Game of Thrones: Season 5 (So Far) (SPOILERS!!!)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Drogon:</b> *is a dragon*<p/><b>Meereen Peeps:</b> Hoe don't do it<p/><b>Drogon:</b> *roasts an innocent child*<p/><b>Meereen Peeps:</b> Oh my god<p/><b>Khaleesi:</b> Finna lock u up bitch<p/><b>Sons of the Harpy:</b> Lol<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Jaime:</b> Lol hey Bronn let's go rescue my daughter-neice<p/><b>Bronn:</b> Fuck. Okay fine<p/><b>Myrcella:</b> Ew no this is my home now<p/><b>Jaime:</b> Fucking kidding me<p/><b>Bronn:</b> Hey look boobies<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Sansa:</b> *exists*<p/><b>Literally fucking every motherfucker alive:</b> Let's rape it<p/><b>Viewers:</b> WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK NO NOT SANSA PLEASE MY BBY<p/><b>D&D:</b> *trollface*<p/><b>Ramsey:</b> *me gusta face*<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Gendry:</b> *exists????*<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Jorah:</b> HONOOOORRRRRRR<p/><b>Khaleesi:</b> Bruh<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> Bruh<p/><b>Zuko:</b> Bruh<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Arya:</b> Valar Morgulis<p/><b>Jaquen:</b> No<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Jon Snow:</b> *is Lord Commander*<p/><b>Stannis:</b> Be my bae<p/><b>Jon:</b> I can't because honor<p/><b>Stannis:</b> I'll make you a Stark<p/><b>Jon:</b> <p/><b>Jon:</b> *sweats*<p/><b>Jon:</b> Nah honor<p/><b>Stannis:</b> Oh my god bye<p/><b>Ser Davos:</b> What<p/><b>Red Woman:</b> Look Jon boobies<p/><b>Jon:</b> <p/><b>Jon:</b> *sweats*<p/><b>Jon:</b> Nah honor<p/><b>Viewers:</b> oh my fuCKING GOD<p/><b>Maester Aemon:</b> *dies*<p/><b></b> ---<p/><b>Fans:</b> ????????????????????????????<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>