roasted all of them

NCT in a Haunted House
  • Taeil and Hansol: pushes each other on who walks up front. ends up walking beside each other. got scared, but had no major problem. both walk out alive
  • Johnny and Ten: Johnny had to drag Ten inside. Ten was screaming before they even entered. clings to johnny. didn't stop screaming while inside the haunted house. Johnny will imitate his scream for the next ten years
  • Taeyong and Doyoung: bickering when they entered the haunted house. Doyoung had enough of Taeyong insulting Vroom Vroom Talk Show, so he ran as fast as he could to lose Taeyong. Taeyong kept shouting: "Doyoung are you there?" and he sounded really scared, and that softened Doyoung's heart a bit so he went back to get Taeyong
  • Yuta: insisted on going alone because he a real man. pushes the curtains in search of ghosts who are supposed to scare him. all of them got roasted
  • Kun and Winwin: really chill while entering the haunted house. walked through the haunted house quietly, but the way they walked screamed "get out of the way, bishes!" which the ghosts heard on a spiritual level and they obliged. exited the haunted house as elegant as they walked in
  • Jaehyun: also insisted on going alone. pretends to drop on the floor when a ghost scared him. the ghost was like "omg you ok? im sorry im sorry im sorrrrry" and helped him stand up. he said he was okay and flashed that angelic smile of his which brightened the whole haunted house. ghosts got blinded and forgot to scare him. walks out of the haunted house in a model-like fashion
  • Mark and Haechan: Haechan actually wanted to give Mark as an offering to the ghosts so they would let him out safely but then he returned for Mark because he remembered that they have a "fantasy-like" relationship. both never stopped screaming even with the absence of ghosts. barely made it out alive
  • Jeno and Jaemin: these bffls went inside the haunted house in hoverboards. ghosts failed to scare them bc they fast af in hoverboards. shows off their skills. however, if they weren't in hoverboards and walked instead, they'd barely make it out alive too
  • Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung: while entering, they call out to the ghosts: "we're not afraid of you! come out!". brought airsoft pistols with them bc they hella ready 2 fite the ghosts

Yes, this is Admiral T. Goldwyn as we know him with Huma Abedin and her son, and with his lovely daughter Tess, yesterday at Disneyland.
And yes, that is his left hand that you see, notably missing a key detail.

The warning I put out last time remains: I swear if I see ONE person acting out and so much as THINKING of @ing Tony on Twitter and comment or ask about his ring, I am going to ROAST them publicly.

People can comment on it all they want PRIVATELY or anyway by NOT including him. Yet again basic manners, because you do NOT EVER ask even people you know about “oh so how come you’ve ditched your ring?” let alone a COMPLETE stranger. So, you’ve been warned.

Oh btw, these photos? Are from TMZ. So someone wanted them out there.

Meantime, time for the usual round of drinks on the S.S. Terry.


Cajun chicken, roasted sweet potato & broccoli!! definitely my go-to meal prep. It’s easy, healthy, tasty, filling, quick, & only requires a few ingredients- what more could you want !!

How to make:
• Prep heat oven to 450F. Cut chicken up & mix w olive oil & Cajun seasoning, let sit in fridge until other ingredients are prepped.
• dice sweet potatoes & cut up broccoli, drizzle with olive oil salt & pep.
• roast broccoli, chicken, & sweet potatoes for 15 min. Remove broccoli & chicken. stir sweet potatoes & roast them for an extra 15 min.
• portion all ingredients into containers & refrigerate !!

Can we talk about how everyone assumes Joshler shippers are Jenna haters?? I ship Joshler more as a friendship (but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fangirl over some cute moments) but some people do want them to date. THAT DOESNT NECESSARILY MEAN THEY HATE JENNA!! Jenna is a wonderful human being with a big heart! No one should have any reason to hate her! So before you get angry at someone for shipping Joshler, ask them if they like Jenna. If they don’t like Jenna, then go ahead and roast them for all I care

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If there is any sort of introduction/ if I see ot4 jamming to bad things then I'm making a twitter account specially to see all the pressed ot4s and camilizers 😂 I'll be roasting them so hard 😂

suga_mani_ is shaking 😂😂😂

First of all, I noticed that Trader Joe’s bags all say “Roast Chicken Smoothies” on them, so that’s a thing.

Second, on the tail end of this cold, I still managed to brave the outdoor cold and go for a fairly-intense bikeride after editing was done.

Spoiler warning: 35° windchill, as it turns out, is not fun on a bike. Shocking, I know!

And this past evening, in a most-herculean effort, I made myself not get a big snack despite having been all busy and stressed, and ate well all day. Just need to keep telling myself that if I don’t do this now, I never will. Now or never.
[BTS 꿀 FM 06.13] 3rd BTS birthday 'BTS FESTA 2016' in a nutshell
  • let’s be honest it’s a platform for them to roast one another lmao
  • dj suga being smug
  • the hyungs calling out on muscle pig jungkook for constantly hitting them
  • all of them roasting one another in the profiles
  • anonymity is never guaranteed in kkul fm
  • yoongi’s seaweed pine tree bath bomb remains in the bath tub THE SAGA CONTINUES
  • namjoon discovering that he can be vocal monster although bang pd once told him that he didn’t have to sing ‘I believe I can fly’
  • maknae line, specifically jungkook, taking the chance to diss jin
  • jimin knows how to be the centre and brushes his hair back too often because he wants to be a man, or maybe he knows we like it
  • namjin relating to each other because jungkook doesn’t understand how they move and namjoon taking his philosophy to another level by comparing it to hell and heaven
  • EXCESSIVE minjoon hand-grabbing 
  • yoongi finds happiness with seokjin in common interest of food, specifically sashimi
  • jungkook’s overemphasis on j-horse’s existence when writing the profile
  • it’s official that jungkook has 24 white tees and probably changes them every 1 hour a day
  • “jimin likes suga”
  • FIRE (kkul fm ver.)
  • did i mention the sound of butt slaps?
  • jungkook will learn muay thai
  • bangtan having fun and being comfortable around one another

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Me next!!

honestly this fucking anon comes to me and wants to roast them all anonymously and shit fucking probably hasn’t done a fucking shit wrong in their life what a goody two shoe fucking anon i can’t believe this fucking shit wants to get roasted and doesn’t even have roasting material fuck this shit honestly go back to unproblematic island anon jesus