roasted all of them

NU’EST saved themselves by joining Produce 101: From almost disbanding to the top of the charts

OK but I don’t think people understand enough how much impact pd101 has had on NU’EST?? For fucks sake for almost 2 years all that non-japan loves had to look forward to was  “NU’EST schedule- empty” because Pledis is shit. All we had was everyone calling NU’EST flop nugus saying they should disband. All we had was mistreatment and zero promotion for their 2016 albums when Pledis finally released them from Japan.

All we had was comebacks getting cut-short because of bad sales and music shows cutting NU’EST performances bc they weren’t “famous” enough. All we had was Music shows giving them the lowest quality mics and equipment and never uploading their performances onto their Youtube channels but managed to upload the more famous groups.

All we had was 10 months of waiting after Canvas, wondering if NU’EST will ever come back again and when. All we had was Instagram updates keeping us alive. All we had was the whole kpop fandom roasting NU’EST alive when they went on pd101 calling them cheaters. All we had was seeing NU’EST members, even the ones who never cried once in 5 yrs (Baekho) break down.

All we had was the members look straight at the fucking camera on produce 101, and admit that they failed and that their disbandment was near. Let me tell you on that die I fucking wanted to die right then when I found their reality. How many fans get to hear that?? Their idol, loves of their life, the group who you would be dead without, look so defeated and say right to your fucking face it’s over for him and your ultimate group of 5 years is almost disbanding because their company screwed them over like NO OTHER. Don’t underestimate what we’ve been through.

We had to sacrifice Minhyun in order to gain new fans. He had to tear himself away from his family in order to save NU’EST. I just . .  i need new loves, pd101 stans and everyone to really understand the importance of NU’ESTs come back and all this activity.

I want you all to know I feel overwhelmed right now with all this NU’EST activity. I want you to know how I feel. I want you to know this isn’t normal what NU’EST is going through, this is what you would call a miracle. I want you to know that the member did this all on their own, and everything single activity they have now is so fucking important. I need to know the reason why NU’ESTs thankfulness to fans might seem even excessive at times. Because they know how it’s like to have almost nothing so every single fan and every success (even small) means everything to them.

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Thank you to old loves who stayed and thank you to new loves who joined. Without NU’EST my life would not be worth living and I would have nothing. I need you to know I am so bloody thankful for anybody who supports these 5 talented people.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much.

TEW Halloween Pumpkin Carving Headcanons

Sebastian: Is god awful at it, but will participate nonetheless. He will make the jankiest pumpkin face, carved with minimal tact, eyes lopsided, zero fucks but having a good time. As the honorary Dad of the group, he will be the one scooping the guts out of everyone’s pumpkin before hand. Is there to spike his apple cider and eat all the candy. Terrible Halloween puns all night.

Joseph: The exact opposite of Sebastian. Will carve the IDEAL, classic jack o’ lantern: two perfect triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a perfectly curved mouth. No, he did not use a template, he’s just that good. Will collect all the pumpkin seeds to roast them for a healthy snack later on while everyone works. Is probably wearing an apron to avoid ruining his clothes.

Juli: “What is this and why are we doing it?” Never had a normal childhood, grew up with hyper-religious family who thought Halloween was sacrilege. Will tentatively poke the pumpkin with the knife before going hard, carving that shit like she was made for Halloween, “Fuck you mom and dad, this is awesome.” Actually doesn’t come out too bad for a first attempt. Will make a second, cat faced one. Has a ridiculous hankering for Twizzlers and will dig through the bowl for every last one.

Leslie: Starts out with a knife. Please someone take the knife away from this jittery man. Ends up with at least 7 small cuts on his hands, covered with colorful bandaids, before Sebastian suggests painting the pumpkin instead. Listen, this pumpkin looks fucked up but it’s an adorable kind of fucked up. He is very proud of it. “Oh, wow…Leslie…that is. Abstract.” says Laura Victoriano, nervously smiling. Will drop everything he’s doing at that current moment to go watch ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’

Ruvik: Bitter that he was invited to this party, would’ve been equally as bitter if he wasn’t invited. Only does a pumpkin because Laura insisted, not because the artistic side of him secretly wanted to. Remember the murals he did on his walls? That level of intricacy on a pumpkin. Is at the table working on it the longest and will get relentlessly teased for it by Sebastian. Will threaten to carve the same pattern into his skin if he keeps talking.

Laura: Brought the apple cider and will chew anyone out if they drink it cold; “What’s the point of that? It’s just apple juice then, is it not?” Also will blow on Leslie’s cup to make sure he doesn’t burn himself. Is there to paint a pretty pumpkin, be supremely encouraging to everyone, and to embarrass Ruvik by dotting. Will help Joseph bake cookies and decorate them to look like spiders, her personal fav.


Jimenez: Wasn’t invited. Lol bye.

Tatiana: Is giving herself a cute Halloween themed manicure. She is not wrecking these by pumpkin carving. Gives Leslie little painted ghost nails while they watch Charlie Brown. Really digs Kidman’s cat pumpkin.

Stefano: Pumpkin carving?? No. Too basic. Is in the backyard blowing up pumpkins and taking artsy slow-motion pictures of their demise. Ruvik is watching from the window, rolling his eyes. Everyone is concerned, no one knows who invited him.

episode 16 of the bright sessions always makes me laugh & smile because. caleb is so short tempered and so DONE with EVERYTHING and so preoccupied that he’s like. so DUMB. he texts adam and basically decides that if he doesn’t reply god is dead but then when he DOES reply he says “oh no” and then when adam CALLS him he’s so confused “why is he doing that what no why is this happening” and dr bright is there like ……..dude. and then once they start talking things are less infuriating and just sweet and cute and that’s good too. what an episode.  


the foxes as things i've said pt. 2
  • dan: i think the void ate it as a depression snack
  • kevin: [referring to horses] they're the elder gods to the elder gods and they know no mercy
  • andrew: so to make up my mind, i'm getting drunk
  • matt: is this what it's like to be subtle
  • aaron: you made him use his lizard brain to Think. incredible
  • seth: ring ring it's time to fuckin die
  • nicky: bitch what skincare routine? drinking water once a day?
  • allison: i'm a slytherin, which is surprising to no one
  • renee: it isn't a real fight until you can see your internal organs
  • neil: avoid human contact as much as possible. become a cryptid
  • wymack: [gunshots immediately followed by muffled screaming]

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Okay so you know how everyone wants a Voltron musical because of the voice actors singing skills? Imagine everyone sings beautifully and either Allura or Pidge or even Hunk have to go next but they just f***ing start rapping like a pro.









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Hi! I can't wait for your bnha dating sim. Me and my friend are both getting it when it drops. Question though: what other routes are planned other than Kirishima and bakugou? Or do you know yet?

Hi there! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! <3 I’m so glad you guys are excited ;u; <333 

As for the other routes~ We actually do know! There are going to be 4 routes total once we have them all put out! (and potentially more with different MC’s cause boiiiiii the pairings in bnha are so wholesome)

SO we will have Bakugou/Kirishima, Bakugou/Uraraka, Bakugou/Todoroki (AYYYYYO RAREPARE), and the fourth route is gonna be a secret till its released ;>

NCT at Prom

Chenle: The wild person who you can hear screaming on the dance floor as all their friends sit at the table silently judging them.

Doyoung: Comes wearing the most expensive suit so he looks better than everyone else only to spill food and drink down himself. Spends the whole time nagging his friend or date.

Haechan: Silently judging everyone for what they’re wearing and their stupid actions. But is secretly super insecure about what he himself is wearing. Would eventually loosen up by the end of the night and play pranks on others.

Jaehyun: Giant flirt going around telling people how amazing they look whilst having the time of his life.

Jaemin: Disappeared half way through and his friends couldn’t get a hold of him. Constantly tripping over things and looking like a puppy during the time he is there.

Jeno: Turns up with the biggest glo up of the century and gives the cold shoulder to the people who didn’t bother seeing how amazing he was before. Literally looks like an angel with a smile on his face the entire day.

Jisung: Small awkward chick who follows his friends around the entire time and avoids having pictures taken.

Johnny: Drunk by the end of the night and ends up shit talking the entire time as his friends worry about whether he’s okay and whether he needs to sit down because he attempts to do the robot to slow songs.

Mark: Wins Prom king for being so perfect and ends up being a stand in DJ even though this was supposed to be his night to relax.

Renjun: Sits at the table as his friends all make a fool out of themselves and secretly takes pictures and videos as blackmail for later. Doesn’t talk much the entire time, too busy people watching

Taeil: Awkward fluff ball who is surprisingly popular with the ladies who all want him to dance with them. But ends up tripping over his own feet and has to spend the rest of the time sat down with his friends.

Taeyong: Looks like an actual fallen angel who had come to make your life hell with how good he looks. He would spent the time talking with friends whilst almost everyone admired him from afar.

Ten: That kid that dresses up like it’s a convention instead of Prom.  Would probably wear a waistcoat and top hat and spend the whole night calling everyone ‘my lady’ and ‘good sir’ before everyone is 100% done with him.

Winwin: The kid that cons friends into buying them drinks and snacks because they’re adorable.  Dances with everyone and anyone who asks even if he doesn’t like them.

Yuta: Roasting all his friends at the table and stealing Winwin from dancing with other people. Lowkey the only person listening to Haechan’s comments on other people’s attire and agreeing.

don’t know why i felt the need to make this but…all these men have the same weird ass name? and we never acknowledge them as a group so.  tag yourself as a hugh. 

how to construct a generic fake ah crew headcanon post

- everyone always thought [character A] was the _____ expert. and they are. but have you considered [character B that doesn’t get a lot of attention]?

- consider [character B being totally remorseful and terrifying at something the irl person has no connection to]

- give me [character B doing anything]. give me [character B mercilessly doing anything].

- give me more of [character B being the Best In The Entire Country At Said Thing]

- nobody expects character B. but they Sure Do That Thing Very Well. 

- bonus points: even the vagabond hesitates at such a sight of [character B doin their thing] 

- extra bonus points if character B is one of the B team

In the Wake of Scandal: Part 2

(In the Wake of Scandal)
(In the Wake of Scandal: A Forum Post)

manga spoilers

Fog, cold and dense, layered the field where the remedial license training took place each morning. The kids who’d failed the provisional exam were aligned in two rows, each pair of partners facing each other, tossing a 10kg medicine ball back and forth as a warm up exercise. The warm up exercises were always quiet, smothered under the palpable drowsiness of kids unwilling to be awake at 5:30 am.

Even Bakugou remained mostly quiet during these exercises, often because his stung pride kept him silent, or because he shared few talking points with his partner. Today though, his quiet was tense, and it was temporary. His tosses became more and more forceful, fueled by frustration, until Shouto had to brace himself for each toss of the ball.

Bakugou gave the ball one last overly forceful throw. Shouto caught it with a small oof, and his feet stumbled back, though his eyes remained fixed on the ground a few inches in front of Bakugou. He’d been staring at the ground the whole exercise.

“Throw it back,” Bakugou said.


“Throw the ball back, Icyhot.” Bakugou spread his feet, hands at the ready. “And look at me while you do it.”

Shouto complied. He looked to Bakugou, and he tossed the ball gently, and it returned to Bakugou with less than half the force that Bakugou had launched it with.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Bakugou asked.

“Sorry. I was up late studying with Midoriya… I didn’t go to bed, actually.”

“Boo hoo.” Bakugou threw the ball back, but without much conviction. Pummeling Shouto with it didn’t feel therapeutic anymore. “Is a little lack of sleep enough to keep you from training? Don’t be weak.”

Shouto caught it. He threw it back. He stared at the ground again.

A nerve twitched in Bakugou’s temple.

“Why aren’t you angry?”

“Hmm?” Shouto answered, as though he hadn’t heard, as though the fog around them were dense enough to cut Bakugou off entirely from him, sight and sound.

“You should be angry,” Bakugou answered, and he heaved the ball at the last word. Shouto caught it, though he took most of the impact in his chest. “You know they’re saying terrible shit about you everywhere.”

“Oh… Yeah, I know.”

“Do you not care?” Bakugou waited. The ball did not return. “Or…is this just your response to everything? Moping and shutting down?”

Shouto did not answer immediately. For a few seconds, the silence simply lingered.

“…You’re angry at me. Did I do something?”

“Yeah! …No! It’s that you’re doing nothing.” Bakugou’s eyes shot left and right. A few of the other remedial students had paused to listen, so Bakugou closed the gap between him and Shouto. And he dropped his voice to a snarling whisper. “Get angry. Be angry. Who the fuck asked them anyway!? What fucking right do they have to judge you!?”

“I’m getting confused…” Shouto raised the ball, as if contemplating whether to still throw it from this distance. He hesitated. “Are you angry with me or with the people talking about me?”

Yes.” Bakugou’s fingers flexed and unflexed, palm sparking damp and smothered as a release of tension. “You’re not…special, Icyhot. This isn’t new. You’re not the first UA student to get slandered over taking a hero out of commission.”

Shouto finally locked eyes with Bakugou. His pupils darted back and forth, unable to decide which eye to best make contact with. “Oh…” Shouto answered.

“I didn’t hide from it. I read everything they had to say about me and All Might. And it was garbage. Their opinions were garbage. Filthy fucking sniveling garbage. Like they could know. Like they had any clue. Like I was weak for getting kidnapped. Like I deserved to—and All Might—and fuck them. Fuck all of them. Weak fucking pretentious pieces of roasting shit thinking any shitty garbage string of words they can piss out on a keyboard and post online means anything.”

“Oh, right,” Shouto answered slowly, his eyes dropping down to the medicine ball. “I never read forum posts much before this happened. I guess they must have talked a lot about you, and the kidnapping, and All Might.”

“It was garbage. Every piece of it.” Bakugou turned on his heel. He stalked back across the lawn, reassuming his position and turned again. He held his hands up and motioned for the ball. “Throw it. And be angry when you throw it. Knock the wind out of me, Icyhot. Because you’re making me feel fucking stupid being the only one of us who’s angry for you.”

Shouto threw it, harder now than before, but it didn’t so much as rock Bakugou’s stance. He caught it effortlessly.

“How did you deal with it back then, Bakugou? I haven’t figured it out yet. I’d like to know.”

“I told you already.” Bakugou returned the ball. It slammed into Shouto’s outstretched arms again, another puff of breath bludgeoned from his chest. “Those people online are garbage. They don’t mean shit. Who the fuck are they to tell you if this is wrong or right? They’re not real to you. They don’t know you. They can eat shit.”

Shouto cradled the medicine ball in his hands a few moments longer, cold and damp to the touch. His chest ached just faintly. “Thanks, Bakugou. But I don’t think I’ve got the right personality to think that way.”

Shouto held the ball, and held his eyes to the ground, and did not look at Bakugou. He got no response, but he could feel tension leaving the air. What replaced it was maybe not better, but it suited the morning more.

It was an atmosphere defeated, dense and frustrated, oppressive as the fog that settled against bare skin and raised goosebumps along arms, and legs, and neck exposed.

Shouto shivered. He imagined maybe Bakugou did too.

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You seem to hate Dany so much for burning people alive, for burning Randyll and Dickon, but Saint Sansa fed Ramsay to his own hounds, she let them eat him alive. I'd say Sansa is even more sadistic than Dany, don't you think? She's taking the killing route as well, she's killed Littlefinger too, so stop criticizing Dany, when you're favorite is doing the exact same things as her.

Are you honestly comparing Sansa executing Ramsay and Littlefinger, to D@ny murdering Randyll and Dickon, just because ya know, she can? Like, really? 

Sansa is NOT sadistic, and she’s NOT taking the killing route lol what? She doesn’t enjoy killing people, it doesn’t make her feel powerful, nor good, like her father, It doesn’t give her joy. 

Sansa is NOTHING like D@ny, they couldn’t be more different. 

Ramsay raped, beaten, and tortured Sansa in unimaginable ways, everyday, for months. And Littlefinger, he was not only the man who caused all the tragedies and horrors that have befallen her family, he was also the one who gave her to the Boltons, he was the one to blame for what Ramsay did to her.

So, she had every right and reason to execute them both.

But D@ny? NO. Randyll never wronged her in any way, apart from refusing to bend the knee, same for Dickon. Make no mistake, I agree that Randyll was an absolute d*ck, he truly was. He treated Sam horribly, but still, burning someone alive simply because they don’t want to kneel to you, because they don’t want to give their country to you, a foreign invader, is fu*ked up. 

And Dickon, she had no reason to burn alive a young boy/man, even Tyrion advised her against it, but she couldn’t help herself, burning people alive with her dragons makes her feel good, it makes her feel powerful, having that power, having 3 weapons of mass destruction makes her feel special. She enjoys watching people burn, we’ve seen this on more than one occasion. 

So, even though neither Randyll nor Dickon never personally wronged her, nor hurt her, the way Sansa was hurt by Littlefinger and Ramsay, she still chose to roast them alive. 

Sansa had every reason to kill Ramsay, he was a sick, twisted psychopath, and personally I think she brought justice not just for herself, but also for all the other women he raped, for all the other people that he tortured, tormented, beaten, skinned alive, for the poor souls that he terrorized, that he played with, that he hunted and used as prey in the woods, for his own sick, twisted amusement. 

He used his hounds to hunt those poor souls down, and then he fed them to them after the “hunt” was over, so I think it was quite poetic justice that she fed him to his own hounds. She pretty much avenged everyone he’s ever hurt, herself included. 

And Littlefinger, another psychopath, in his own way another monster. With his actions, his calculated schemes, he brought so many houses to their downfall; the The Tyrells, the Baratheons, the Lannisters, even the Starks. He was like a disease, just like Cersei. If Sansa hadn’t executed him, he would’ve ended up destroying her family for good. 

So again, NO. Sansa is NOT sadistic. When she executed Littlefinger, she cried, she wasn’t happy about having to take a life, about executing someone. With Ramsay, there was a glimpse of a smile, yes, but after all he did to her, can you blame her for faintly smiling when bringing justice for herself, for the first time in her life? Can you blame her for smiling at the realisation that, he’ll never hurt her ever again, that his house is dead, that he’s dead, that she’ll never have to see his face again, nor hear his voice ever again? Can you blame her, for ending the life of a monster whom tortured her, beaten her and raped her? For punishing the man who tried to break her and whom hurt her everyday, in unimaginable ways? For finally taking her destiny into her own hands, after years of being captive, after years of being powerless? After years of having no control over her own life? After years of being used, and used, and lied to, by everyone, always? No, you can’t blame her. She smiled, because it was a victory, her abuser, a monster, was dead, because there is justice in the world after all, the monsters don’t always win, the worst ones don’t always live, because in that moment, she realised there’s hope. And NOT because she suddenly turned psychotic, or sadistic, or whatever the hell you’re trying to say.

Littlefinger had hurt so many people with his machinations and his obsession for power and the Iron Throne. He hurt her, her father, her mother, he hurt her family, he was dangerous man, and it was her duty to stop him from further hurting those she loved, and yet, she felt sorry/pity for him. 

She even says it herself “'It’s not what I want, it’s what honor demands.”, Sansa is neither sadistic, nor a murderer. It pained her to have to take his life, to execute him, but it had to be done, for everyone’s safety, because it was the only option, and because it was the right thing, the honorable thing to do. She was teary throughout the whole scene. She’s not heartless. No matter what she’s been through, she’s remained kind hearted, she still feels remorse, has emotions, empathy. 

“It was his (Ned’s) duty, he never liked it.”

We can’t say the same about D@ny though, you can clearly see she enjoys watching people burn alive, especially in season 5, 6 and 7. As I’ve said, it makes her feel powerful, and she feels like she’s in the right too, while she’s doing it. No resentment in her eyes, no compassion, no empathy, no nothing. 

She loves power, she is obssesed with it, she wants everyone to worship her, and those who refuse to worship her, she burns.

Burning Randyll and Dickon alive, was neither honorable, nor the right thing to do, nor the only option, she could’ve imprisoned them, she could’ve imprisoned at least Dickon, but she chose to roast them both alive all the same.

Think TWICE, before comparing Sansa executing Ramsay and Littlefinger with D@ny (murdering) executing Randyll and Dickon. 

Both of Sansa’s executions of Ramsay and Littlefinger were justified and needed, whilst D@ny’s “execution” of Randyll and Dickon, was bloody NOT, it was completely unnecessary. She roasted them alive, because she could, because she felt like it.