Gottie’s Beef, Ginza, Tokyo

This is one of those posts where I’m going to let the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

You see, I like to consider myself up on my Tokyo restaurants, especially where beef and uni are concerned, which is why I was so surprised I’d never heard of Gottie’s Beef before…

Especially once I saw popular Japanese foodie Fallin Debu post a picture of this beautiful bowl of red and orange…

House made roast beef, Hokkaido uni (sea urchin) and an egg yolk the color of the sunset…

Perfection on a plate. The kind of dish that looks almost too good to eat…

But then your appetite gets the better of you…

It turns out Gottie’s is also quite well known for their beef katsu, or deep fried steak…

Topped with a beef demi-glace that had a hint of tang to it, almost like a barbeque sauce…

Fried to medium rare…

Another lovely bite of beef…

Both dishes run around 2000 yen, or $20.00 US.

Gottie’s may be an American-style steak house, known for their aged beef, but I have to say, when I looked at the tables around me, most people were eating the same two Japanese preparations you see above!


Ginza Velvia Hall, 7F

2-4-6 Ginza

Chuo, Tokyo





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