roast with james franco

so i teach in this super cool school here in spain - it’s an escuela oficial de idiomas, a public school that specialises entirely in language instruction for over-16s. because it’s a public school it’s a very affordable way for talented students to have access to the very best teachers which is just a lovely concept imo

anyway as the english language ‘conversationalist’ my job is to spend an hour with each group once a month generating discussion, usually via cultural topics. it’s a lot of fun because we’re one of very few EOIs that go to C2 level (the highest level under european framework) so i get to really challenge them

so today i was with a (fantastic) C2 group, teaching a class on diversity and representation in media (i love my job). i was about to talk through a collage i had made on tv shows that i feel have good representation when one of my quieter students interrupted me.

“this man in the middle! he is so funny!”

i was kind of confused, because i had brooklyn nine nine in the middle - which, yeah, has just started showing here in spain but american tv is, in general, not very popular in spain. spanish people tend to prefer english stuff if they go for english language media, they’re ‘purists’ and it drives me crazy. so i thought maybe she was talking about terry crews, because everybody hates chris might have been popular here? but nah

“this man! he was on one of those…..what do you call those things, with lots of celebrities just being so angry and so mean to each other???”

i mean, i guessed the golden globes first, but then i suggested a roast….

“maybe, i don’t know. but they are usually so awful and so mean, but when he was on one - and i don’t remember who it was - he was so nice and so kind and so funny. he never made the joke about other people.”

and of course my reaction was something like this 

because i instantly knew for sure that she was talking about andy samberg’s bit at james franco’s roast on comedy central. and if there was ever a better assesment of andy samberg’s talents as a comedian it has to be “nice and kind and never about other people!!!”

and this is how i ended up showing andy samberg’s roast of james franco to a classroom filled with adults in a public school in palma de mallorca, spain!!!!!