roast vegies

Thanksgiving Surprise

Quinn was hoping to surprise him. She knew he didn’t have any thanksgiving plans, and that they were maybe going to do something on the weekend. But she was one step ahead of him. She wanted to do a surprise mini feast for the two of them. Enough food to fill them and give a few leftovers, but not too much. So while she knew he was at gym, she snuck over to his place and started cooking. On the menu was baked and cheese stuffed turkey breast, gravy, stuffing, Macaroni and cheese, mini pumpkin pies, warm bread rolls and some roasted vegetables. Also, mini cheesecakes for desert. She’d brought beer around aswell, and some soda for herself.

Quinn was dancing around the kitchen, cooking up a storm. She was wearing a sweet red sweater dress, black tights and little brown boots, her hair curled on her shoulders. The turkey breasts were in the oven, along with the macaroni & cheese. The gravy was on the stove top, aswell as a pan, keeping the roasted vegies warm. Cheesecakes in the fridge, with pumpkin pies wrapped in foil on the bench to keep warm, aswell as bread rolls & stuffing. She had made some of this the day before, obviously,but it smelt delicious. Quinn just hoped he wouldn’t be too startled to come in after gym, to see a feast. She had just really wanted to see him on thanksgiving..because she was so thankful for him.

anonymous asked:

i'm weight restored now and i always try to eat a good amount (it can vary from 2000-3000 but i don't like to count).. but i eat quite healthy and i feel like i shouldn't eat unhealthy stuff all the time? like it was ok in recovery since i needed to gain weight? what do you think, is it ok to eat 'junk food' after recovery like every day?

the whole ‘junk food vs real food’ is fucking bullshit! like, take chips for example. what are they made of? potato and oil and salt. but potatoes are vegetables, oil goes on everything, and salt is in everything. like yes they are calorie dense but who gives a shit and why does that make them bad for you? what are they going to do to you that roasted vegies won’t? nothing. and what about ice cream? why is it okay to eat fruit (sugar) and milk but it doesn’t feel okay to eat ice cream? of course it’s okay!!! and take nachos for example. corn chips (“healthy”) plus cheese (“healthy”) plus salsa (“healthy”) plus meat (“healthy”) plus avocado (“healthy”). but when it’s altogether suddenly it becomes unhealthy? like, no. 

please eat whatever your body wants!!!! the only food that is ACTUALLY unhealthy is uncooked chicken. don’t eat that. xxxx