roast tacos

Vegan Meal Ideas

As requested by an anon, here are some easy vegan meal ideas! I’m also working on making separate posts with more detailed meals - e.g. a post dedicated just to vegan breakfasts, one to lunches and dinners, and one for snacks. Keep an eye out in the coming days!

These are some meals that I eat on the reg - they’re mostly high carb low fat (but not all! They can be as HCLF as you choose), very easy to make, no complicated ingredients etc. As I mentioned above, more detailed posts to come, but in the meantime check out my ‘Recipes’ and ‘My Vegan Eats’ tabs!

Smoothies, porridge (oatmeal), overnight oats, pancakes, fruit monomeals/salads, cereal w fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt, smoothie bowls, nicecream, toast w toppings, fresh juice, granola w soy milk and fruit.

Lunch and Dinner
Burrito bowls, tacos, nachos, roast veggie salads, dhal, tofu and veggie curries, soup (pumpkin, broccoli, mixed veg), noodles, stir fries w rice, potato wedges, veggie burgers, zoodles, pizza, garlic bread, fried rice, risotto, pasta, roast veggies w gravy.

Veggie sticks w hummus, fruit, juice, rice cakes w toppings, dried fruit, nuts, rice crackers w dip, raw bars, homemade muesli bars, bliss balls.

i made these decadent vegan tacos for lunch for everyone. they had soyrizo, beyond meat “chicken” strips, oven-roasted potatoes, tree nut cheese, lettuce, hot sauce, and the faux meats were cooked in a mango taco sauce. i also lightly fried the tortillas to give them a little more texture. it was delicious and so indulgent ♥