roast pork sandwich

Howard’s Cafe, Patchogue, NY

Some friends and I took a trip out to Long Island this weekend for a brewery/winery tour. While we planned out where we would be drinking, we left our eating options to chance. Along the way, we found a number of little local gems, like Howard’s Cafe in Patchogue…

Located in a strip mall near Blue Point Brewing Co., Howard’s is a quaint cafe with a long burger list, house special sandwiches, and a few seafood and pasta options. I went with one of those house specials, Howard’s roast pork sandwich…

Served on garlic bread with melted mozzarella and au jus, I picked a winner!

The sesame hero roll was freshly-baked, flaky on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the juicy pork had been lightly fried to crisp it up just a bit, and the garlic made each bite pop.

And here’s the other thing about Howard’s, every single one of their burgers, sandwiches and entrees come with a bowl of salad, a side of your choice (I got the house made steak fries) and a pitcher of Bud or Bud Light or carafe of house wine! And they kept refilling our pitchers!!

All this for just thirteen bucks!

No wonder this place was packed!!


Sunwave Shopping Center

404 S Service Rd.

Patchogue, NY 11772


Thess vs the Ideal Weekend

This weekend, while it had a couple of stressful points here and there, has actually been pretty good. Not long enough, obviously, but hey.

Unfortunate happenings when trying to prep a late lunch last night in that the stupid salt grinder/shaker thing I purchased turned out to have a somewhat loose cap and I lost a perfectly good couple of servings of tuna salad to massive oversalting. However, the pork roast I made for dinner made up for it and today’s is going to be roast pork sandwich and potato salad.

A fair bit of solo FFXIV ensued, because I was trying to get all my main’s jobs to 15. Almost succeeded; just short on Lancer. Today’s going to be getting that, doing my dailies with the Sylphs, and getting my level 35 Astrologian quest done. Y’know, I didn’t think Astrologian would be my thing but I’m turning out to really enjoy it. So honestly, I’m happy grinding through duty roulettes and the like to get it leveled up as high as the other two. Honestly, I’d love to hit level cap on all three healing classes. VARIETY!

It’s also been a full-on RP weekend, and in … mostly the best of ways. Had a great time last night, though need to spend this week putting the finishing touches on space combat. Today’s the back-to-usual time for the Cupcake Coterie, and we’ve got @galleywinter back, which I’m really looking forward to. Although sadly we are missing @lindira, which will be a shame. One day, guys, we will all of us have the Cupcake Coterie Sundays free.

I think I significantly needed this weekend. Work’s been a bit stressy, though at least from the perspective of this week, LazyArse has been obliged to actually do her fucking typing. I dunno how long that’s gonna last, and she’s slow as fuck, but the important thing is that I’m not having to do all of hers right now. …Just all the really time-sensitive stuff that I can’t ask her to prioritise because like fuck would she listen to me, y’know? I’m just the one who still has pain in both wrists and elbows because of how hard I’ve been pushing it lately.

I probably need to look into my allotted time off before the holiday I’ve got booked in December. I don’t think I could hack six months without a day off. This weekend has been great, but I don’t think it’s enough, long-term. I mean, they’re not all ideal. Some involve needing to go places and do things. Some involve more stress than I can handle. Some of them I more or less have to spend in bed and that’s no fun. Plus, again, not long enough just in general.


Yes, you guessed it - it’s Sunday, time to review.

This week I made Baguettes, yes baguettes. I made bread with yeast and rising time and everything and they were delicious. I even tucked one in the freezer for future use. Next a batch of Pork and Kimchi Pot Stickers, still working out the kinks on the recipe but still quite tasty and also froze some for later, some Cauliflower and Broccoli Flan with Spinach Béchamel, which went great with a grilled bone in rib eye, the following day with some leftovers a scrumptious Steak Sandwich with Swiss cheese, red onion and light mayo on a home made baguette, then to get us through the weekend a big pan of Roast Vegetable Lasagna, which half will also be going into the freezer and finally for breakfast a Greek Omelet.

All this made for quite a delectable week. Now with my freezer restocked I am off to make plans for another week of food and hopefully some fun.

What will you be making?

DiNic's, Philadelphia

DiNic’s is one restaurant I NEVER miss on any trip to Philadelphia…

Their pulled pork sandwich is the best on the planet!

And just to be clear… their PULLED pork. Not their roast pork.

Their roast pork is great, believe me, as I’ve eaten it many times when they’ve sold out of the pulled pork. Which they do. Quickly.

But you just can’t beat the pulled pork. With sharp provolone and hot peppers.

And I was thrilled that I got there early enough yesterday to find they still had some left! Here’s a look…

Maybe not just the best PULLED PORK sandwich on the planet.

Maybe the SANDWICH on the planet!


Inside Reading Terminal Market1136 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107