roast parsnips

Food prepping in action.
Spaghetti squash with spinach, chicken sausage, and tomato sauce
Roasted onions, carrots, and parsnips, egg wire frittata with onion, zucchini, spinach, garlic, and chicken sausage.

There will also be salads with tuna, salmon and butternut squash, and salmon burgers on the menu this week.

How to get autumnally festive without spending too much money or energy;

  • Make autumnal breakfasts like apple pie porridge, spiced pumpkin smoothies, or just by adding seasonal berries to whatever you make
  • Have a look for scented candles in cheap/ charity shops
  • Wear sweaters/ clothes in autumnal colours
  • Cut out some festive words or silhouettes out of old magazines to hang up as bunting
  • Drink seasonal teas
  • Sit in a park and just notice the leaves falling off the trees
  • Bake seasonal treats to keep in the freezer for days you fancy something different
  • Keep hot chocolate supplies in your cupboard
  • Make warm soups (pumpkin, parsnip, roast vegetable soup)
  • Try making your own festive bath bombs instead of buying expensive ones
  • Make cinnamon apple chips
  • Start watching Friends
  • Make roasted veggies
  • Use seasonal spices in your food
  • Try and experiment with making more seasonal dinners
  • Buy some seasonal flowers, hang them upside down so that they dry, then you’ll have a flower arrangement that lasts for months
  • If you have essential oils, mix some autumnal scents with some water in a little spray bottle & use it as perfume
  • Give your neighbour some baked treats
  • Invite your friends over to watch movies under blankets with hot chocolate
  • Get books from your library and read them with a hot cuppa and some warm slippers on
  • Make your own bread for soup (freeze it so it lasts you a while)
  • Collect some acorns/ pine cones and put them in a jar for decoration
  • Listen to old jazz while you do things like cleaning/ cooking (it’ll make it so much more fun)

Feast II by Bernardo Martins


My kids love roast chicken and I often cook them on a bed of onion slices or roast vegetables but a friend mentioned how tender and perfect hers comes out each time she cooks it using a beer can; I thought I’d give it a try.  I’ve heard of cooking them on a grill this way, but not in the oven.  The chicken cooks upright so it’s fairly evenly cooked and very, very moist.  The kids really enjoyed it and I think I’ll try it on the grill too!  I made asparagus, green beans, roasted potatoes and roasted parsnips.

I’d looked up a recipe online (there were some for on the grill and some for in the oven).  I coated mine with olive oil, Penzy’s Mural of Flavor, dried onion, fresh whole garlic salt & pepper.  I put some sage and celery in the top cavity.   The beer was a Heineken that I poured about half into a glass and enjoyed.

I came home to cumin crusted pork over a roasted parsnips,onions and pomegranate mix.

I was most excited that he cut the pork like they do on Chopped.

The added bonus is that it’s super delicious.