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As a fan of the finer things in life I enjoy few things as much as a cup of really good tea. This is part of my modest collection of teas from Taiwan and China. I’ve got a nice range from Green Oolong, Roasted Oolong, Oriental Beauty (Formosa Oolong) to Puer, Black and shade grown Green Tea. 

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i’m spitting these out cause it’s my lunch ,
ive never been a straight A student, wow that’s a surprise ( i’m being sarcastic roast me ) i mean i’m a solid range between ( # wise ) 80-100 i’m a decent student but i’ve always been a few points below straight A

"I Think People Are Going To Lose Their Minds" Over The New Slipknot Album!

Before being Roasted, Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) caught up with Krystin Clarke on the red carpet! He talked about how one prepares for the shit that’s bound to fly at you when getting roasted, what it means to him to have reached ‘icon’ status with many fans and then talked about the new Slipknot record!

“At the moment, right now, it feels like a great mesh of Iowa & Volume 3. So you’ve got the gorgeous melodies and the artistic direction of Volume 3 & then you’ve got the absolute brutality of Iowa. I think people are going to lose their minds when they hear it!”

Oh yes.


This is the video I took at the Roast of Corey Taylor. The image isn’t right side up but I’m editing that to be so, and I don’t know how, but the audio/video got off sync so you’ll just have to deal. 

Lookit his cute lil suit!

Cat's New Bed & Breakfast Is the Purrfect Weekend Getaway

Acclaimed restaurateur and Food Network host Mr. Min has unveiled his latest upscale establishment, but it’s not the steakhouse or sushi bar he’s so often associated with.

The Caboodle Inn is a cozy home away from home in Poughkeepsie, NY, where the hand-roasted coffee and on-premises free-range eggs are rivaled only by the thread count of the master bedroom’s sheets.

“We pride ourselves on creating a luxury experience that feels homespun and casual,” says Francis Eckland, the friendly property manager whom we met multiple times during our stay. “We want you to leave your cares at the door, but we’re not in the hotel business, which can sometimes feel sterile. Mr. Min is very particular about ambiance, and food, of course.”

The charm here is overflowing. From the rustic fireplaces to the steel-cut oats, we recommend The Caboodle Inn highly – if you can stomach the price.

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The Daddy Agreement: 1

note: i guess before we start i should say this is a daddy kink fic, it’s het and there will be smut. :)

Chapter 1: lunch dates and turpentine 

 The thing about college is no one is ever straight forward about it. Your future is mapped out in four years, followed by day after day of drinking, studying and sleeping, but no one talks about the grueling hours sitting in lecture halls listening to professors drone on about the do’s and don’t of microbiology , and nursing cold cups of weak coffee as you slave over an assignment that’s due in four hours.

Everything you learn about college in high school is a lie. The professors care more than you do - to a certain extent - and the coffee shops with a decent roast is usually out of your price range. Your scholarship doesn’t guarantee you a spot in a geeky sorority and most people could care less that you’re family isn’t rich and your apartment is a cluttered mess.

It’s taken Marple Sutherland two years to figure this all out, and it still seems to come as a shock to her that being average is somehow acceptable.

She washes her clothes in the laundromat on the corner and eats take-out at least twice a week while flipping through her notebook looking for the lost page of scribbled down notes she needs to study. Her roommate, Teagan, hasn’t left her room for at least three days and the stench of turpentine permeates from under the door.

“Teag?” At twenty-one, Marple would hope Teagan would have figured out that ventilation was the way to go when painting in her room. The thick, pungent smell said otherwise as Marple knocked on her roommate’s door.

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