roast of the superheroes


We had our theatre banquet friday and Operated Boy came on (most of the music was just the pre-show and intermission music from our latest play too i kid you not i think our directors didn’t get enough music requests) and we alll grabbed hands and just started walking in a circle. Two kids were dancing in the center and at one point we walked up and back. One of the other drama kids said if someone walked in they’d think it was a cult. We ended the night dancing to Time Warp. We also roasted the seniors however the audience kept roasting the seniors and the juniors roasting the seniors. The theme was Superheroes so a lot of kids came dressed up. One guy was in a fill on Flash suit. It was great.

not to be dramatic but when tony’s on that speaker’s podium and christine everhart is trying to roast him like “i never said you were a superhero” and tony’s like “didn’t? well that’s good because that would be uh outlandish and… fantastic” and when he’s bragging about the avengers to loki and he comes up with “earth’s mightiest heroes” i’m just… tony being a superhero… he’s living The Dream

and right now at the tail end of his arc he is literally… literally living his Worst Nightmare and i’m :)))))

Yusaku Fujiki: First Impressions vs What we actually got
  • Pre-Vrains: He's that shy blue haired kid from Vanguard 1.
  • Post-Vrains Episode 1: Roast Lord-Early 2000s Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon/Disney Channel Teen Superhero who is so much of a hipster, he uses physical cards.