the stench of weed was everywhere. frat houses going wild, right across from the Wilde complex. had i known everything would’ve happened, i would’ve told myself it was a lie. but it wasn’t, it was all a rebel thrill, the shit your mom and dad tell you to avoid once you go into that new stage of your life, and wonderful enough for us, it’s college. 

we slept for an hour or so, post watching those cringy indie movies, and the cartoons we’d watch as we fell in love. lights out, and i accidentally tap your face as i stretched out on the oldest, comfiest couch you brought me to. oh, the many college kids, i’m sure would do the same things we’d do. hands touch, togetherness is finally on our side. 

*poke, poke, poke* i insisted on his shoulder. “I missed you.” i said it, “i can’t sleep.” and somehow, we were hand in hand, mine so close to your heart, to your soul. us.

make one thing meet another and just carefully, they may start to fall in love. “this probably isn’t heathy for the either one of us.” the bright side, luckily, we both agreed. “but that was in the past.” “and we were both less knowledgeable than now!” maybe we’re just making excuses to advance into what we both knew we wanted, but that’s okay. that’s alright because if you believe hard enough, it just might work out. 

slowly, were reaching for one another, whether it be in our “sleep” or wide-eyed and ecstatic without our eyes adjusting to what we wanted to see. and some how we find ourselves in each others’ arms. familiar, as if we were molded for one another as we’ve always been. 

5:36 am, still we run on empty on the grounds of no sleep. so are we going to do this? .. “i am if you are.” somehow, within the progression of soft kisses, hard kisses, the caresses from your hand through my hair - you’d call it Lion’s Mane. 

time progresses, clothes start to disappear. serenity between our two souls kept growing deeper, like his elongated extremities within me. “my god..” we’d cry out, as if this had been waiting on for the fruits of time to be ripe. 

i hope you never change your mind. It was always you, Ro.