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The Anatomy of the Other

Doctor Antonia Alves

The creatures commonly known as Fae, Fair Folk and Raksha but more recently Visitors or Others have been a part of our history for a very long time. There are at least five distinct species that we catalog as Martians, Venusians, Jovians, Saturians and Mercurians due to their presumed habitats but I have reason to suspect they’re naturally from a very different part of the universe where physical laws are quite different.

While the Elements of our world forms complex chains of carbon that give way to life, wherever these Others are from skips that necessary step and forms life outright from Essence. The result of this may resemble us physically and even seem to be the superior being but this makeup conceals an instability that we’ve witnessed in several test subjects.

When separated from their native essence (often appearing in the form of a sac of pulsating essence called a cyst) the subject weakens and eventually expires over a period of several days. What has caused my research to be discredited however is the illogical decision for creatures that find our natural laws so anathema to their very nature have crossed an ocean of stars to settle in our planetary system.

The answer to this is troubling, while most of our so called Fair Folk and Raksha are scavengers who found themselves on our world and unable to escape it, in recent years there have been tell-tale signs that the Others have begun a process of adaptation. The ability to derive meaningful sustenance from humans was scarcely documented in ancient texts yet now it seems as though it’s their primary function. The number of these cysts or even the lesser pennants being found on captured subjects is dropping, almost as though they’ve replaced their old feeding source for a new one and we appear to be it.

I don’t seek academic glory for my research, I simply fear for our survival.