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While Ickle’s talent doesn’t manifest physically, the colors we see are what an aura reader, or perhaps someone with synesthesia (like Ickle), would see. Most of the time she sees herself blending into the world around her in favor of focusing on ponies–now is the time to focus on herself and make decisions for her well-being.


“Row back to mainland, ye scrawny landlubbers! Ye’ve messed with me ‘nough for t'night, better hope I don’t ever catch ye w’ a cutlass at hoof!”

I swear she usually isn’t this much of a jerk. You just happened to touch delicate topics! ;3

Enjoy the first batch of answered questions! I’ve had myself a good time drawing them, though I had to simplify the style from the previous post to try not to die in the process. Please keep asking- you’re awesome! <3

Yay! It been a wile since I have done one of these. So here to 264 followers. You all are wonderful to me so lets get to who these wonderful ponies are.

From Left to Right.

First Row:

Ruby Scratch

Sweet Heart

Sugar Heart

Second Row:


Sunshine Dove

Derpy Hooves

Third Row:

Roaring Rhythm

Ponies on Paper

And last but not lest all my lovely follower I did not draw as you are just a special as the one I did draw. So here to my 264 Followers.


It was finally finished (i do very slow art ; w; )

thank you so much for following. i’m not even good at english. but i seen you guy okay with it… i think..?  anyway i want to draw all for you but i can’t. ;w; so let see the list of pony here :) 


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Everypony in Changeling form! %) (anypony :p )

Blitz (and Dylan)


ask-kymon (NSFW blog)






















Many Thanks all followers!!!! >w<

I love you! 


R.: И не совсем на голове. 

Q.: You are very tall. Can I sit on your head for a while?

R.: Okay, kid. But only for 5 minutes. And not entirely on my head. 

MOD: The only one answer that didn’t fit in everything that will happen in next big Update. So I decided to post it separately./ Единственный ответ, который вообще не вписывался в большое обновление (я работаю над этим обновлением на данный момент). Поэтому я решил выложить его отдельно.

1K part 2

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And ta all of mah followers, ah can only thank ye and hope y'all stay fer long!