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Can yoy believe Lexa and Roan both got shot in the chest but Lexa, who was in her own tower and had probably a fricking private hospital in there and healers at all corners died, while Roan who was left without medical care in the streets of Polis survived. Gotta love those white straight guy healing powers. Also Jasper, who got a spear in the /middle of his chest/? Or Finn who got stabbed with a poisonous knife? Or Jaha, who came on earth on a /nuclear missile/ ? "No one is safe" my ass

“anyone can die” *only the lesbian dies via bullet wound where other men were shot*
make every last moment last - roane
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Chapters: 1/3
Fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Biggs Darklighter/Luke Skywalker
Characters: Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, Han Solo, Leia Organa
Additional Tags: Reunions, Angst, Friendship
Series: Part 2 of As Long As You’re Mine

Luke and Biggs reunite on Yavin after the events on the Death Star, and fulfill a few promises to each other.

Note: I’ll be posting chapters 2 and 3 simultaneously, and pretty soon. Chapter 2 is basically finished.

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I genuinely don't think they are going to give Clarke another love interest on this show. It'll probably be cancelled before the writers can even imagine it. If anything, they're probably going to focus on giving Bellamy a romantic storyline since he is the lead male and avoid touching Clarke with a ten-foot pole. Now, whether Bellamy's romantic interest will be with a current character (like Raven or Echo) or an new character is up in the air.

okay hear me out.

imagine bellamy/echo became a thing while clarke was gone. gina doesn’t exist. so basically, echo betrays bell because of nia. bell was really in love wt her, so now he doesn’t know if he can trust grounders again. raven convinces him to not side with pike because they don’t know the full story. once nia is dead and clexa deliver the body, echo and bell have a tearful reunion but now ontari and roan take over ice nation and want to declare war on trikru for murdering nia. bell can’t be wt echo again but he helps her leave azgeda, braven become closer, clexa get married, season 3 is effectively ten times better and makes ten times more sense.

*blows kiss to a rural village* for lexa who faked her death, with the help of roan and titus, and is now in hiding-

Turn around, bright eyes {bellarke}

This is a present for @the-ships-to-rule-them-all <3 From me, your Secret Pen Pal, to you with love. I hope you enjoy it!!! 

The prompt is “Everyone Knows (except them) + Bellarke + Canon”. 

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i. Octavia

Every now and then I get a little bit lonely, but you are never coming round.

Growing up there was not much to do but to observe her brother. Slowly, Octavia came to realize two things:

  1. Bellamy Blake loved way too easy and way too hard.
  2. He didn’t trust anyone, not even their mother.

She had seen him roll his eyes at her mother’s reassuring words, double check the door even when she claimed she had locked it behind her. Bellamy had to get things done himself or he couldn’t properly breathe. He was never good at delegating tasks, and he always made sure the entire weight of the world was secured on top of his shoulders.

Back in the Ark there was not much he could trust her with, but as soon as they reached the Ground Octavia realized that he didn’t trust her either. He was always shadowing her steps, doubting her words and questioning her motives. She didn’t take it personal, she just assumed that was part of her brother’s personality. He trusted himself, that was all.

Which made it all too weird that he chose Clarke Griffin, the princess of the Ark, of all people to give his wholehearted trust to. Soon, Octavia realized that in Bellamy’s books trust came hand in hand with inconditional love. [ ao3 ]

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