Listen mate, you might have a very pretty badass cloak but that doesn’t mean you’re not a complete chump for losing the Flame. You had it for about 5 minutes. How hard is it to keep it safe? And if it’s so easy for someone to ‘break into your quarters’ then a) your staff are shite and heads should be rolling, and b) ‘your quarters’ should have been your pants! And I mean British pants! I mean, it’s almost like you didn’t really care that much about it in the first place….

4x04/05 AU

So here’s an angsty idea for these next couple episodes.

Bellamy goes to Polis to warn Roan about the new time limit and the Nightblood theory. Unfortunately, word rises about the ice nation attack/freeing the slaves, and Roan has to take action to secure his throne. He calls off the alliance and sentences Bellamy to “death.” (But a fake death, since we all know Roan ships the OTP). Soooo they put on a convincing show…but Kane thinks Bell is really dead, and he goes back to Arkadia….and he breaks the news to Clarke:

Clarke receives word that the others are back, and a wave of relief washes over her. She hurries to the gate to greet them, but she can’t spot that familiar head of brown curls.

Something gnaws at the pit of her stomach.

“Where’s Bellamy?” she asks.

The look Kane gives her sends a shard of glass through her chest.

His sorrow. His regret. His pain.

As clear as day.

“I couldn’t save him,” he says softly, and Abby glances back at her, eyes wide. Preparing for Clarke’s reaction. The entire camp appears to hold its breath.

And Clarke is shaking her head because there’s no way Bellamy-her Bellamy- is gone.

But the look in Kane’s eyes is too convincing.

“I’m sorry, Clarke….”

Raven and Miller are staring at her; everyone is staring at her and she can’t feel her tongue, only the cold weight in the back of her throat.

Abby steps toward her, reaching out, but Clarke takes a step back, shaking her head again. She closes her eyes and gets the hell out of there, practically running back to her room. Their room.

She slams the door shut and sinks to the ground. And shock gives way to horror and grief and she buckles.

The next morning Abby finds her working rations bright and early, expressionless.

Abby glances at Raven, who gives her a slight shake of the head. A warning.

“Clarke?” she asks anyway, and her daughter doesn’t pause. “You don’t have to be here…you’re allowed some time…”

Clarke glares at her. “I’m fine. There’s work to do.”


“I need the distraction, mom,” she blurts, her voice cracking.

And the end of the world is the best distraction the universe has to offer.

Clarke hardens herself. She boldly chooses for the survival of her people. She sets her humanity aside to do what’s needed. Regardless of what her friends think. She’ll be their leader. Nothing more.

Her fear dissipates with her will to carry on. She takes on the army head on. She doesn’t fear death. She will do whatever it takes.

There’s nothing left to lose.

But she doesn’t heed Raven’s warning, and after the confrontation with the Grounders, she gets sick. Radiation poisoning.

They’ve developed a cure with the help of Luna, so she will recover, but she spends a few nights in the med bay, half conscious.

One night she dreams of Bellamy sitting there beside her, stroking her hair away from her face. He smiles at her when she registers his presence. But then she frowns and turns away.

Because he’s not really here.

He’s gone. He left her behind.


She tells the apparition this, and he sits back, withdraws. His brows are drawn together in confusion, and then her mother whispers something she can’t hear and the dream is lost.

It isn’t until the next morning that she’s lying there, staring at the ceiling, that she jerks upright, her heart in knots, beating wildly.

She sprints from the med bay to the main foyer, and she sees him.

Alive and strong and breathing.

She’s already crying, and she manages a high-pitched and breathless, “Bellamy?”

And when he turns to her and gives her that heart-wrenching smile, she breaks down. His arms are around her in seconds, and she collapses into him, gripping the back of his shirt with white knuckles.

She falls apart, but that’s okay.

Because Bellamy is home. And he’ll find a way to piece her back together.

He always does.

I finally caught up emerald city! Here is the summary of my thoughts.

* Wizard needs to die. Period. What a dick
* i love queen of ev. She’s most interesting character on this show and I love her friendship with jack.
* I don’t trust Glinda, but I think she has a big plan
* poor sweet tip.
* I need more West
* Dorothy is meh, she’s getting boring, imo
* unpopular opinion, I don’t like Lucas/roan. I just can’t bring myself to like him
* Anna is gone for good, thank god. I hate her annoying ass
* Poor sweet Sylvie!
* this show has a lot of promises but I’m quite nervous about getting attracted bc they either, cancel or become a trash mess like *cough* ouat

anonymous asked:

Fuck there's so many bellarke shippers in the show we need to make a bracket like some march madness shit to see who's the best of the best. Roan vs. Jaha. Kane vs. Monty. Harper vs. Abby. You got Echo in the losers bracket - whoever beats her is back in the game. Let the games begin

dshfdshj low key, if Echo tries anything with Bellamy, there’s gonna be like 7 different characters ready to start throwing fists 


twitter name: Z Monroe or@bombsaway (she rebrands in her early 20s as@zmonroe 
number of followers: 354
what do they post about: life shit, bothering her friends, politics on occasion, sports and fitness 
facebook name: Z Monroe 
number of facebook friends: 163 (she’s picky on who she adds)
what do they post about: she doesn’t post often, but she’ll post game photos
instagram name: @bombsaway​ (see note on twitter name)
number of followers: 423
what kind of pictures do they upload: post-workout selfies, game photos, landscapes, random selfies 
snapchat: zmonroe
types of pictures they upload to their story: *slowly zooms in on someone’s face, captions it #spotted*
what they send to people: terrible selfies


type of phone: Iphone
last five people to call them: Roan, Bellamy, Harper, Monty, Miller
last five missed calls: Harper, Bellamy, Fox, Roma, Clarke (everyone who is worried about her basically0
latest text and from who: “if you won’t answer i’m going to drive up there and kick that fukers ass” -Bellamy
latest picture/video they sent

“i’mma keep him” -to roan

types of photos/videos on their phone: landscapes, random pictures of Roan from terrible angles, selfies she hasn’t deleted yet (pictures of the abusive ex that she hasn’t deleted yet)
thing they don’t want people seeing: all of the stuff about her ex the locked folder from the hospital. the photos from the night Roan and Egil saved her and she eventually relented and went to the er and they took photos of the bruising for evidence, the text conversations she hasn’t deleted, the pictures of the good times she won’t delete quite yet.
most used apps: twitter, spotify, myfitnesspal, clue, instagram
who they call the most:  Harper
who they text the most: Roan, Egil, and Bellamy
latest voice message and from who:  Bellamy, about how she can’t leave vague texts about a bad relationship then drop off the planet and expect him to keep calm and how if she doesn’t call back in the next two hours he’s driving up
background & lockscreen on their phone: lockscreen is a picture of roan and egil that she took when they weren’t looking. background it a bunch of delinquents people from home all gathered together in a bar somewhere.

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Does Bellamy even like echo like that more them in love with Clark

No. Bellamy hates her. Kane literally said “I know how you feel about her but you can’t lose control.”

Yes she saved his life and helped him in MW. E/cho was supposed to free the caged Grounders but L/xa betrayed Skaikru and E/cho left along with everyone else and as a result Bellamy, Clarke and Monty had to kill everyone in MW.
E/cho lied and led them to a trap and is literally the reason Gina and the majority of Farm Station died. She is the reason Bellamy’s girlfriend was brutally murdered!!! This is not something he can just get over. This is not somehing he can forgive and forget.
She hold a sword to Clarke’s throat, almost killed her (she would kill her if Roan didn’t wake up and stop her). She also hold a knife to Bellamy’s troat in 4x01. ??? like seriously just rewatch the negotiation scene in 4x01. He hates her.

E/cho on the other hand obviously wants him.