roanoke, virginia


Full Snow Moon Over East Roanoke by Terry Aldhizer

Henrietta Lacks

Though she died of cervical cancer in 1951, her cells were discovered to have unique properties. These immortal “HeLa” cells were instrumental in developing the polio vaccine as well as other key scientific landmarks including cloning, gene mapping, and in vitro fertilization. Yet, her story has raised controversial questions about the ethics surrounding privacy & patient consent. Who was this unrecognized woman?

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Mad Gasser of Mattoon

It is unclear if the gasser in Botetourt County, Virginia in the 1930s and the one in  Mattoon, Illinois in the 1940s were the same but they share a Wikipedia article and was/were referred to as “the ‘Anesthetic Prowler’, Friz, the ‘Phantom Anesthetist’, the ‘Mad Gasser of Roanoke’, or simply the ‘Mad Gasser.’" This person or these people reportedly sprayed gas into the homes of unsuspecting victims that caused them to pass out.

It is unclear if it was an actual person perpetrating this gas attacks or if they were just the result of industrial pollution that was knocking people out and the spread of a possible assailant caused the town to panic. To this day, the events are unexplained.


One year ago this weekend, spectators enjoyed the sight of 611 being towed out of the Virginia Museum of Transportation on May 24, 2014, as Norfolk Southern crews and VMT staff worked to move 611 towards the Shaffers Crossing locomotive shop, then onward to Spencer and the N.C. Transportation Museum for rebuild. Attendance was estimated to be around 5000 during the day. Next weekend, that number could be tripled as fans converge upon the Roanoke Valley to witness 611’s triumphant hometown return, pulling a train by itself, alive and steaming.

The Lady in Red (9/10)

Title: The Lady in Red (9/10)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1561
Warnings: feels, mention of parental death, foster homes, torture, lots of talking.

It took Y/N longer than 30 minutes to shower, but she managed. It would have been easier if Steve had stayed around to help her, but luckily Wanda stopped by to check on her. She helped Y/N wrap her leg and dress in a pair of loose black sweatpants and a red t-shirt. With her wet hair pulled back into a messy bun, Y/N and Wanda began the walk to the conference room. Half way there, Maria Hill and Director Fury stopped them and took Y/N aside for a quick chat. Y/N motioned Wanda to go on ahead.

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“In the early 1600’s Indians on Roanoke Island marveled At the sudden appearance of a milk white doe. The sudden creature was the most beautiful they had ever seen. Sometimes she stood alone, looking out into the sea; sometimes she grazed in the melon patches around the deserted fort. She alluded every arrow, every snare and ruse. So the Indians organized a hunt, and the best archers came from far and wide. Among them was the young Wanchese who had been to England and returned with a silver arrow from the English queen, who had told him it would kill even the bearer of a charmed life. The hunt began, and the white doe bounded away over the sandhills as the hunters’ arrows wizzed around her ears. At last she reached the beach. Wanchese appeared, facing her, took aim, and shot the silver arrow through her heart. At the moment she died, the white doe looked into her slayer’s eyes and whispered, "Virginia Dare.” “