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Favorite Television, 2016

  1. Mr. Robot (USA, Season 2)
  2. The Girlfriend Experience (Starz, Season 1)
  3. Atlanta (FX, Season 1)
  4. Stranger Things (Netflix, Season 1)
  5. Transparent (Amazon, Season 3)
  6. Looking: The Movie (HBO, Television Movie)
  7. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix, Season 4)
  8. The Night Of (HBO, Limited Series)
  9. Bojack Horseman (Netflix, Season 3)
  10. High Maintenance (HBO, Season 1)

Honorable Mentions: American Horror Story: Roanoke (FX, Anthology Series) / Black Mirror (Netflix, Season 3) / Broad City (Comedy Central, Season 3) / The Get Down (Netflix, Season 1) / Gaycation (Viceland, Seasons 1 and 2) / Girls (HBO, Season 5) / Hairspray Live! (NBC, Variety Special) / Lady Dynamite (Netflix, Season 1) / Luke Cage (Netflix, Season 1) / The Path (Hulu, Season 1)  

Favorite Episodes:

  1. Mr. Robot / “eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes” / dir. Sam Esmail
  2. Transparent / “The Open Road” / dir. Jill Soloway
  3. Bojack Horseman / “Fish Out of Water” / dir. Mike Hollingsworth
  4. Atlanta / “B.A.N.” / dir. Donald Glover
  5. Black Mirror / “San Junipero” / dir. Owen Harris
  6. Gaycation / “Orlando” / executive producers Ellen Page and Ian Daniel
  7. Girls / “The Panic in Central Park” / dir. Richard Shepard
  8. High Maintenance / “Meth(od)” / dir. Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair
  9. The Get Down / “Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure” / dir. Baz Luhrmann 
  10. The Night Of / “The Beach” / dir. Steven Zaillian

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Writing Forbidden Love

Anonymous asked: “I’m writing a forbidden love between two people and I’m unsure with how to build up things gradually. I want my characters to feel conflicted with how they feel while they ignore the taboo that comes with it. How can I continue to write their love as time passes on?”

Forbidden love can mean a lot of things and to be honest, I am so glad you didn’t give specifics, because now I can talk about a bunch of them! 

This topic in particular is especially great in historical fiction. Obviously what’s considered taboo has changed a lot since the 1700s. Some types of “forbidden love” throughout history are not at all forbidden or taboo today so often the reasons that the romance is prohibited make for interesting obstacles for the plot. 

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Things that have made 2016 less shitty

-Stranger Things
-Gilmore Girls (when it comes back!)
-Joe Biden memes
-Evil kermit memes
-Harry Potter book
-And movie
-The pandas are growing
-Same with Tigers
-Alex Aiono and William Singe collab
-I graduated high school
-I saw P!ATD live
-And 5SOS

*Add your own and just pray 2017 is better*