roan balds



By Steve Naylor

My dad and I took many trips to Roan Mountain when I was younger. On each trip my dad would pass along stories and knowledge of the mountain, stories of complete circle rainbows he had read about and knowledge of the lay of the land, naming peaks in the surrounding mountain ranges. Because of this I couldn’t think of a better place to take a day trip with Haley than Roan Mountain.

Haley and I started off at Carvers Gap where we were pleasantly surprised to see the rhododendron in full bloom. The Appalachian Trail runs along the balds of Roan Mountain, crossing right through the parking area at Carvers Gap. We headed north on the AT to Round Bald. We took our time here and enjoyed the views of North Carolina and Tennessee. Soon golden hour settled in and light streamed over the ridge painting the green bald gold. We made our way back to the car and drove a little higher up the mountain. The light faded and the clouds lowered down on the mountain top. I’m sure we will be returning soon.


Steve Naylor is a photographer based in upstate South Carolina. Finding inspiration in natural spaces, he strives to capture them in an honest way. You can find him on Tumblr or Instagram @scubagram


Morning Glow… Jane Bald, Roan Mountain sunrise

Round Bald, Roan Highlands, NC/TN. Aug 2018.