Roagna Barbera d'Alba 2004

A spot on, complex, medium-bodied, dry, earthy Barbera, from Piedmont, Italy. The winemaker is Luca Roagna, a young, rising star winemaker in Northern Italy. Not only does Luca practice organic and biodynamic winemaking, he won’t even use the public water system to clean the barrels because Flouride is added to the public system; so Luca collects rainwater off of a barn roof, in a two hundred year old cistern.  He wants the wine to represent “as pure a product of earth and sky as possible.” Most Barbera is not made to last.  Note the 2004 vintage—Luca has made a much earthier, drier, less fruity-fruit version than a typical Barbera, and his version has gained that touch of complexity that age can offer. Open this red about twenty minutes early.   Serve with pastas and red sauces, sausages, roast chicken and cheeses. A great introduction to a great winemaker whose wine prices will only go up, up, and up.