roadtrips and reunions


Okay guys, I need to rant. Remember in Cuties and cupids episodes where Dez said “you guys have your weird thing..” They definitely have a weird relationship like I swear its so inconsistent. In one episode they have cute moments together and then another, they don’t interact at all as if they don’t have feelings for eachother at all. Obviously, they both have feelings for eachother but their afraid that their careers will be in the way? Before they even realize that they “LOVE” eachother, their relationship was fine and it seemed to me as if they had more interactions and lovey dovey moments and it didn’t mess up their careers. Wouldn’t it ruin Austin career even more if he had a relationship with someone else besides Ally because all he would be thinking of if “man, I wish I could be with Ally instead” and it would be going through his mind messing up his thoughts. Think of it this way, in Roadtrips&Reunions, Austin said “my everything is better with you..” but now its as if he totally forgot about what he said and told Ally in Princesses&Prizes “maybe…i just want you to be happy” basically he is telling her “we should see other people because I want you to be happy” but Ally is happy with Austin. He just doesn’t get it. UGGGGH! You guys got my point right? Sorry its so long. Thanks for reading if you did. Love you guys. <3 mwuaaah.