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“And then suddenly it hit me; that moment you realize you’re not half empty; that moment of all moments - like there is music in the night and we can dance the sun out of the sky. These are the nights where everything feels possible. Maybe one day we’ll fall short of the stories we tell, but tonight we are more than just words on a page. We are here, we are different, and we are everlasting.” [listen]

Band Girl - Jonathan Byers Fluff

REQUESTED: Yes, I decided to combine these two requests really, as they were both in a similar idea. So, this was requested by @waiflux and an anon <3

Omg could you do a fic where your in a small indie/rock band and your doing a concert in his town and Jonathan stumbles upon the show and sees you and its like love at first sight for the both of you? If you do do this could you let me know when it’s done if it’s not to much trouble

Can you pls do a Jonathan x reader where u two go on a roadtrip or concert (u have ur first kiss there) At the end of the night you fall asleep in his car with his jacket on and his arms wrapped around u :3 and just make it as fluffy as can haha<3


SUMMARY: You’re in a small-time indie rock band, and end up coming to Hawkins, Indiana, to play a couple of gigs there. What you weren’t expecting, however, was to gain a new fan in the form of Jonathan Byers.

NOTES: I started watching “Girl, Interrupted” last night, and it’s genuinely so good! I definitely recommend it, because Winona Ryder is great, and there is also Angelina Jolie and she’s an amazing actress in this!

Anyways, hope you enjoy this <3

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take u away from good church life
show u the world in the back of
a pickup truck. txt me @ 2 am
& we can be gods together; gods
at the end of the world, darling
ur something beautiful but rn ur
hiding behind a statue of
the madonna & still pretending 2
be a child. leave this place &
take the road w open arms
& a passionate fall. idk where
we’re going but im not giving u
—  roadtrip candy ( h.a / @ravnboys )

Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo
Yosemite Park Rangers @adventures_ofthesol and @christinaadelephoto taking a selfie for the @usinterior snapchat during a hugely popular #instameet hosted by photo stars @chrisburkard and @jimmychin last Friday at Glacier Point. In recent years, the park service has been stepping up its embrace of technology to connect with the next generation of National Park stewards.
I’ll be posting photos all summer from my #roadtrip journey around the U.S. searching for the next generation of #NationalPark visitors. Follow along at @arni_coraldo

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