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based on this artwork by @kaciart

Finally, finally, they had gotten the chance to stay in a hotel. Not one of those run down though still wonderful motels they passed all the time, or the caravans that they rented because actual mattresses and facilities couldn’t be passed up for long. But an honest to six hotel cost a lot of money and they had finally saved enough for them to rent a room. Hunts for days as well as chasing leads for all those royal tombs had them all but dragging feet to get into the room. Almost immediately a fight for the shower broke out between the three others he was with, Ignis citing reasons why he should get first shower, Prompto trying to use his admittedly adorable expression to make it in first. In the end though it was Gladio that had gotten in first, while Noctis himself all but passed out on the bed that he and his shield would occupy right up until the point when it was time to bunk down.

Noctis always slept with Ignis because the man could single handedly calm whatever terrors he had with very little effort. Other reasons could be brought up, but the point of it was Gladio slept near the door to be the first to defend them if needed be and he didn’t care if Prompto clung to him while sleeping. Ignis himself enjoyed how still his prince was while sleeping. But up until they were ready to bunk down they swapped, Noctis with either Gladio or Prompto and Ignis with whomever he chose.

Distantly, he realized that his shield had returned and was urging him to get up and go clean up. The argument was made that he can sleep the moment he was clean and in sleep clothes, but not sooner than that. So he did move, trudging in with grumbles of too much logic and why he wasn’t allowed to just shower in the morning, but he did so now with little more complaint. Stepping out of the bathroom, his mind vehemently protested the fact that the room was colder than where he’d been, especially given that he was in a tanktop ( one of Gladio’s old ones, because they were too big and wonderfully comfortable ) and boxers. The covers would be cold, inside and out, so really his choice was made.

The book in Gladio’s hand was quietly pushed aside and his quiet words of reproach ignored in favor of laying against he expanse of muscle that he flaunted day in and day out. Noctis gave little care that his hair was wet, because he knew the other was not only warm to start, but would still be slightly warmer because of his shower. In response, the book was set aside in favor of retrieving the towel around his shoulders and gently fluffing his hair until no water clung to it. Only then was he pulled up to rest entirely on Gladio’s torso, head coming to rest on his collarbone with a sigh.

Around them was a scuffle as to who was next ( as Noctis hadn’t chosen who would take the next one ) before Prompto ultimately won out and Ignis came to sit beside them on the bed, making quiet conversation with the other elder of their group. Something about what they would do tomorrow, how dangerous they were willing to be to make up the vast amount of money they’d spent on this room, or where it was they’d be camping for the future. He didn’t hear the responses though he could certainly feel Gladio responding by the vibrations in his chest. It was nice all things considered, but they brought him out of the sleep like state he was in. Would that he could pull a hand up to keep him from talking and clamp it over his mouth to silence the words coming out, but with his arms pinned underneath him and Gladio’s arm holding him close, there was little in the way of silencing he could manage.

Would that he could have joined in any other conversation for the evening, or any of the games that likely were played before everyone turned in, but the past few days of warping around and putting enough magic in flasks for the other three to be able to power a city through whatever means had drained him of any and all energy he had to spare. 

In the morning he would not have moved much, laying on his side and still clutched to his shield’s chest while Ignis tried valiantly to pull the prince from his clutches. It was his turn to help cook breakfast in the small kitchenette that they had or it would have been if he’d been able to escape, but the death grip he was in was more effort than it was worth to pull him out of. Drifting back off was easy when one was enveloped in warmth and though it was only an hour later when he woke alone he felt none of the chill he perhaps should have.

What truly got him out of bed was Prompto teasing him with a picture he took after he’d passed out. Noctis had to get up before he was allowed to see, and he was glad that he did. Prompto’s skill with a camera had done him well again. The picture showed Noctis on top of Gladio, his lower half situated between Gladio’s bent but spread legs, while his arms lay half pinned beneath him and between the other’s arms. Gladio himself had also managed to fall asleep at that point, the arm that had been holding his book laying off the side of the bed and loosely gripping the book as if dropping it weren’t the worst thing in the world.

On either side of them were the other two, taking advantage of their lowered defenses. Ignis looked like he was trying to pull the book free while Prompto was both aiming the camera and trying very hard to pester the sleeping men. Judging by the next picture, in which Gladio had rolled over onto his side and pulled his sleeping partner closer to his chest, the blonde had succeeded in irritating him enough to get a response though it wasn’t at all what they’d planned on.

The series of pictures ( because the creative choice had been to continue pissing off the man that could easily break any one of them ) had Noctis smiling while he ate the quickly prepared toast and eggs. If he saved the first picture to his phone to show Gladio later Prompto said nothing, merely going on about how photogenic most of them were and how they gave him the best shots.

The prince just needed to make absolutely certain to put his best friend in the hot seat next time. Maybe seeing how he couldn’t move and had to put up with Gladio and Ignis would give the perfect fodder for embarrassing pictures of him.

based on this piece by @kaciart

Today was no different from any other day from the last few weeks. Gladio was helping Ignis learn how to maneuver without seeing ( something that had hit them harder than the damage done to his face; their friend relied so heavily on his eyesight for so many things, and now he didn’t have it ) and Prompto was sitting where he had been for days on end, on Noctis’ bedside with his head pulled into the gunner’s lap. He’d long since moved past the point of exhausting himself with tears, because two of his friends hadn’t been waking up and wandering the rooms with Gladio was driving him insane. There was nothing they could do, nothing to help them wake up faster, which made every single moment stuck there torture. His saving grace came in the form of Ignis groaning, rolling over and immediately pulling at the bandages that covered his eyes. The second that he calmed enough to hold a rational conversation he asked the question they’d been dreading.

The shield and the gunner lied.

So long as Ignis thought he was recovering, he’d stay calm and listen to the instructions he’d been given by the doctor that had checked them over. Strict bedrest punctuated by either Prompto or Gladio sitting and reading off the recent report about the destruction the city faced made the time pass a little faster, though it slowed very quickly when Ignis learned that Noctis lay unconscious and comatose in another room. There was no escaping his ire at being lied to, especially when it concerned their friend and love.

Time dragged again, and that was how Prompto found himself sitting most days on his prince’s bed, cradling him in the hopes that any moment he’d wake up and be his normal aloof but happy self. Some days he’d lay next to him, talking about nothing and everything, describing the pictures of some birds he’d taken or the weird octopus that had been clinging to the railing of the balcony a few days ago. Other days he quite literally pulled the man into his lap and ran fingers through his hair, other hand holding onto his too limp one and squeezing it like he’d be able to press life back into it. He couldn’t stay forever though, hygiene calling him more than once and Ignis requesting that Prompto help him with something. Hugs were always given then, with Ignis telling him not to worry because Noctis would wake up and be as good as new.

Would that it had been the truth. Umbra appearing with the notebook and a telling response from Luna told them all they needed to know. When Noctis woke, it would be a blow that messed with his head. In an effort to stave off the inevitable blow his self worth would take, they all stayed in the room, Ignis’ hand on Noctis’ shoulder or back, Prompto holding onto him as if he was glass and would break at any moment, and Gladio would either sit at the foot of the bed and watch to see if he moved or would be up pacing the room in an anxious guard duty. It wasn’t much they could do other than take solace in the fact that they were all at the very least breathing.

After a week they took turns taking Ignis out to find whatever information they could. If there was a tomb they’d missed, or where they could find the next of the Astrals to get their blessing. But as fate seemed to enjoy doing to them, Noctis woke up when only Ignis was in the room. Almost immediately the world seemed to crush down on their king, if how he either looked sadly at his advisor or stared forlornly at the journal at his side.

Prompto took it upon himself to make things better, in whatever way he could. He took pictures or told stories of all the things they’d been up to, or how they’d messed with Noctis while he was asleep ( not that any of those were true, because they wouldn’t have dared do anything ) and slowly but surely there was a bit of a smile that showed up. It would always fall for a bit when Ignis wandered in with Gladio at his back, but he talked to them and joked a bit. A win in his book.

The only thing that he could hope for was that things would be easy from this point on, because really, they had to get a break at some time right? Prompto wouldn’t allow what if’s to ruin his first time getting to play around on a train, nor would he let them tear apart the fragile hope that they had regained. Ignis could get his sight back, Noctis was breathing, and Gladio seemed happy that both were doing alright.

What could go wrong?

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think about all the girls blue sargent kisses on her cross country road trip!!!! think about her boyfriends encouraging her and trying to be her wingmen and failing terribly!!!!

!!!!!!! nothing cheers me up faster than thinking about how wonderfully gay blue gets to be on the road trip, with her silly gay boyfriends cheering her on !!!!! pls!!!! 


“And then suddenly it hit me; that moment you realize you’re not half empty; that moment of all moments - like there is music in the night and we can dance the sun out of the sky. These are the nights where everything feels possible. Maybe one day we’ll fall short of the stories we tell, but tonight we are more than just words on a page. We are here, we are different, and we are everlasting.” [listen]


October 14, 2017


by Rone

Opening its doors in 1949, the Lincoln Theater at Myrtle and Eddie Robinson Drive in Baton Rouge was one of just three major theaters the African American’s could attend. “For 75 cents”, Peggy Bates with the Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame told WAFB, the black-owned business provided “hope in a time where hope was hard to come by.” Closed in the mid-80s, the theater once again tried to make a go of it between 2000 and 2007. In 2014, in the midst of renewed efforts to rehabilitate the theater, Australian artist Rone made a stop in his U.S. roadtrip to paint this wall. Describing his work as the friction point between beauty and decay seems a particularly poignant description for this lovely portrait of Mimi, a girl living just two doors away from the boarded up property.  @r_o_n_e  @museumofpublicart  

Band Girl - Jonathan Byers Fluff

REQUESTED: Yes, I decided to combine these two requests really, as they were both in a similar idea. So, this was requested by @waiflux and an anon <3

Omg could you do a fic where your in a small indie/rock band and your doing a concert in his town and Jonathan stumbles upon the show and sees you and its like love at first sight for the both of you? If you do do this could you let me know when it’s done if it’s not to much trouble

Can you pls do a Jonathan x reader where u two go on a roadtrip or concert (u have ur first kiss there) At the end of the night you fall asleep in his car with his jacket on and his arms wrapped around u :3 and just make it as fluffy as can haha<3


SUMMARY: You’re in a small-time indie rock band, and end up coming to Hawkins, Indiana, to play a couple of gigs there. What you weren’t expecting, however, was to gain a new fan in the form of Jonathan Byers.

NOTES: I started watching “Girl, Interrupted” last night, and it’s genuinely so good! I definitely recommend it, because Winona Ryder is great, and there is also Angelina Jolie and she’s an amazing actress in this!

Anyways, hope you enjoy this <3

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take u away from good church life
show u the world in the back of
a pickup truck. txt me @ 2 am
& we can be gods together; gods
at the end of the world, darling
ur something beautiful but rn ur
hiding behind a statue of
the madonna & still pretending 2
be a child. leave this place &
take the road w open arms
& a passionate fall. idk where
we’re going but im not giving u
—  roadtrip candy ( h.a / @ravnboys )