Last week, I got momentarily excited about a brilliant website idea. It was to the point where I even got my sister & my bro-in-law on the phone to talk it out & see if it had legs.

Rule #1 before getting carried away & bragging about brilliant website idea: double check that said idea isn’t already being executed. Especially if it’s being done 8 million times better than you could have ever imagined. is nearly everything I envisioned & then some– a super-intuitive road trip creator which is highly visual, calculates mileage/gas/time & allows for searching all major categories of travel including food, lodging, offbeat attractions, & scenic stops. It allows users to contribute photos to the map & comment, and rates attractions on a ‘rad-o-meter.’

I’ve been insanely A.D.D. at work with the excitement of this upcoming month & the discovery of this website is not helping. I’m obsessessing over Tennessee’s abundance of waterfalls & fantasizing about staying at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge with neglected big cats (are we asking to get mauled?)  

The only thing I’d add would be a feature allowing you to look at geotagged Instagram photos along the route. For the extra hipster factor. T-Minus 13 days. WHAT?