roadtrip please


So I heard that Prompto’s going to be Spider-Man  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m jumping off the nearest bridge after this. please bury me.

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hello! any good roadtrip au? any ship please ^-^ 💓

(1) Do you have any good ot7 fanfics or one where there all really good friends and friendship plays a big part in it, not just romance… tysm I love your blog !!

(2) Hello, i was wondering if you had recommendations for any good OT7 fics?? (i love your blog btw) - @fandomsdestinyyoutube

Young Forever by TheOrgasmicSeke [M, 139k]

midnight. by yoonmin [G, 1k]

Young Forever: Youth is over. by JustAlly [G, 44k] **Major character death**

Prologue by DustLikeSnow [T, 26k]

angtan and the Venom of Asmodeus by Honey0613 [G, 78k]

here in our hollow (we fuse like a family) by sirradel [T, 9k]

Spring Day Bouquet by kuragecharms [G, 27k]

I: What Was Left Behind (Nothing Ever Happens at Hogwarts) by SilverAndGreen [T, 44k]

paint pictures with your hands by tellalie [T, 19k]

these are now just road trip and not lots of ot7:

A Journey To Seek Happily Ever After by fusionspeaks [Vhope, 38k]

show me you care by vmon_89 [Namseok, T, 4.2k]

there goes the fear by inkingbrushes [Yoonseok, T, 8k]

perfect blue by pettey [Yoonmin, E, 50k]

Make A Move (Before I Make A Move) by BabyLove (sugamins) [Yoonmin, E, 49k]

d( ̄◇ ̄)b

- N

So the DollFrasers plus a certain WitchyGeillisDoll are all ready and very excited about their trip to Blackpool tomorrow and from there, the Highlanders 2 Gathering. 

They are travelling quite light, but you will all be pleased to know that I have packed DDPJamie’s bonnet, you know just in case he should need to go in disguise :

😂😂😂  anyone have an easel?

*somebody stop me, please*

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UMMM BECHLOE ROADTRIP AU PRETTY PLEASE!!!!! (When you have time of course)

I want to write it. So. Fucking. BAD. I do. I am consumed by the desire. But I know me and I know what I’m like with this shit, and it’ll end up longer than Experimentation and take like 5 years to complete because i’ll be wrapped up looking at maps and stops along the way and making sure everything is right and

This. This is what will happen.