The Markimoo road shop is officially open!

We got we got debuffs, rebuffs, weapons, pickles and so much much more!

All the equipment your fighter needs for the coming battle such as

Shity Spoop Cane

-3 Approachability

+2 long range THWAPIN

Wild Boy Adventure Cap

+2 Noggin Protection

-1 Noodle Protection

Shooty + Actual Wild Crazy Boy

+1 Shooty

+5 Danger

Important In InCharge Man Suit Attachment

+3 Respect

-1 Trustability

Fancy Robe for Pompous Rich Assholes’

+5 Dickory

+5 Deceit

Cracker Barrel

+3 Tasty Snac

+1 Mark Distractibility