Ending today’s #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Arizona with a the history and habitat of the Agua Fria National Monument

Just 45 minutes north of Phoenix, the Agua Fria National Monument includes an abundance of wildlife as well as geological and archaeological wonders. The monument’s water resources include the Agua Fria River and streams, creeks and pools that  provide habitat for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and larger wildlife species like deer, pronghorn, javelina and mountain lions.  To date, 194 species of bird have been recorded.

The monument also contains more than 450 recorded archaeological sites, spanning some 2,000 years of human history.  From the Pueblo La Plata site to the rock art located at the confluence of the Badger Springs Trail, visitors are encouraged to explore these sites but to help preserve them by not removing, defacing, collecting or further damaging any of the artifacts, structures or rocks.  Given the unique features of the monument, it offers excellent recreation opportunities, from hiking to camping to photography.  

Story by Michael Abalos, BLM Arizona; click photos for photographer credit


It’s about exploring. Going to places you’ve never been before, driving down roads you never knew existed. It’s not about who you are or where you’re from, all that really matters is where you’re going. It’s about an adventure. -Adam Eggers

In the following video - full of vivid, beautiful landscapes - #mypubliclands hits the road with Adam Eggers of the BLM’s Phoenix District Office for an adventure, for a new way to discover Agua Fria National Monument in Arizona.

Got to go on a little road trip with @live4thrill32 to get my glasses that I left at my mom’s in Indiana 😝. My eye got all screwed up the other day, and I needed them. Whoops!! Thanks so much, Adler for being an amazing friend and driving me all the way there and riding back with me. 💪🏼😎 #brothers #brotherhood #reunion #roadtrip #openroad #grateful #ftmtraveler #shirtlesswithbrothers #shirtless #shirtlesssummer

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