Inside Budapest’s Secret Bauhaus Treasures

Think of Budapest and you usually envisage opulent Gothic buildings, Byzantine influences and Art Nouveau flourishes. A name less likely to be on the tip of the tongue is Bauhaus – a discrepancy that photographer Balint Alovits is attempting to put right in his series Time Machine.

In fact, Bauhaus style was an important architectural movement in the Hungarian capital between 1930 and 1948. As the city expanded, districts to the north such as Újlipotváros were transformed from industrial wastelands into residential idylls, their architects inspired by modern European trends.

the signs on a roadtrip

aries Pep Squad - Makes sure everyone is awake for all the good view spots, keeps everyone entertained with car games.

taurus Extreme Napper - Somehow manages to sleep through everything, clutches onto their own bag of potato chips the entire ride.

gemini DJ - Playing all the music faves directly from their massive music library on phone, and won’t stop singing along too.

cancer Documenter - Insists on capturing every single moment by camera, doesn’t want to miss a thing.

leo Chill Cruiser - Has all the funny stories to tell everyone along the way, knows small fun facts about each stop.

virgo Navigator - Map in hand. Planned out all the bathroom breaks and good tourist stops along the route, and speed at which the car should be driving at.

libra The Tour Guide - Points out all the interesting cafes, monuments and museums, choosing spots that will be fun for EVERYONE.

scorpio Meditator - Doesn’t really know what’s going on / not much say in the itinerary, but is internally capturing/appreciating the whole scenic drive.

sagittarius Drive-Thru Diva - Insists on stopping at all the fast food stops, complains about lack of bathroom breaks as an excuse.

capricorn The Driver - Trying to focus on the road, despite all the fun going on behind them (though they wouldn’t really trust anyone else to drive).

aquarius Tiny Bladder - Usually found in the backseat just having a good time, but every once in a while will delay the trip for everyone to use the bathroom.

pisces Snack Surveyor - Holds all the good snacks, drinks and candies to distribute so that no one is ever hungry or thirsty.