Eric Bledsoe signs new contract and teams prepare for the playoffs.

My article was taken from TMZ and it was about Phoenix Suns’ guard Eric Bledsoe buying a $2,500 grill for himself after signing a new contract with the Suns.  This article mainly focused on the grill that he bought and how much it was but it allows us to compare other players and teams to the Hawks.  Eric Bledsoe is the only original guard left in Phoenix after the trade that sent Isiah Thomas to the Celtics and Goran Dragic to the Miami Heat.  All of these guards used to share minutes and stats when they played together.  All three seemed tired of sharing minutes and stats and The Suns no longer wanted so many guards.  Now that Bledsoe has been chosen to be the guard Phoenix is going with he probably feels confident that he will have a job in the future and he will not be moving anytime soon.  Since Eric Bledsoe just signed a new contract and his son was born a few weeks ago it seems he will be in Phoenix for the foreseeable future.

The Suns started the season with three starter caliber guards and everyone was wondering how they would manage minutes and how good they could be with so many guards.  Up until All Star weekend the Suns were one of the better teams in the west claiming the eighth spot in the playoff rankings. However as the trade deadline approached there were rumors that the Suns wanted to trade one of or all of their guards. So on the day of the trade deadline the Suns traded Isiah Thomas and Goran Dragic and kept Eric Bledsoe and acquired Brandon Knight from the Milwaukee Bucks.  In my opinion this was a good trade for multiple teams because now the Suns have two good guards and room to acquire skilled forwards and prepare for the playoffs.  Miami and the Celtics desperately needed help and Isiah Thomas and Goran Dragic can help their respective teams a lot.  Isiah immediately helped a struggling Celtics team by scoring over 20 points in his first few games as a Celtic.  Goran Dragic replaced Noris Cole in Miami and comes in at an important time for the Heat since Chris Bosh is expected to miss the rest of the season due to a blood clot in his lung.  This year’s trade deadline has been the most active in 25 years and many teams have got new weapons.  Each team is preparing for the end of the season and trying to assemble a winning team.