I love it when roadtophantom sends cool stuff my way ;) 

Some more production photos from the Japanese production of “Love Never Dies”, from its current run in Tokyo. ( X )

Photo 1: The cast. 
Photo 2: Mao Ayabuki and cast. 
Photo 3: Rena Sasamoto and cast. 
Photo 4: Keita Tachibana. 
Photo 5: Mario Tashiro and Yamada. 
Photo 6: Takeshi Kaga and Ayaka Hirahira. 
Photo 7: Takeshi Kaga and Yamada. 
Photo 8: Masachica Ichimura and ? 
Photo 9: Ayaka Hirahira and Takeshi Kaga. 
Photo 10: Masashika Ichimura and Ayaka Hirahira. 

Thanks to roadtophantom for alerting me to someone on Twitter stealing my graphic, rearranging the pictures, and then claiming as their own. AND THEN tweeting it to the actors featured in the graphic!

Back when I first posted my graphic, someone tweeted it to JRox with no credit…but I was able to tweet him and let him know it was mine. He sent me a nice reply. :)

I can’t stand people who repost other’s work! It’s so low.

My original post here:

EDIT: The Twitter is claiming we only used the same graphics and they used a filter. Ha.  Highly unlikely that we would chose the same three actors in the same three photos and have the coloring come out exactly the same.


So I watched Phantom of the Opera (Asia tour) yesterday and this is going to be my review…

It was my first ever (at least live anyway) POTO and it was amazing. I’ve watched the 25th anniversary, a couple of bootlegs and all but nothing beats watching it for yourself in a theatre. I’ve been looking forward to this with such glee and enthusiasm for ages. There were a couple of photo booths set up at the main hall and there were long queues and the excitement was skyhigh even at the beginning. When it finally began, the rise of chandelier took my breath away, and I felt like crying because I was finally watching it…

Claire’s Think of Me and Wishing were amazing. The first quivery sentences made me smile in Think of Me and after that she just blew me away. Sure, she didn’t manage to hit a couple of high notes through it all, but I thought her voice was still amazing last night and I loved her. Eleanor’s voice was so crisp and clean and so heartbreakingly sweet in Angel of Music and this was the first time I actually paid attention to Meg Giry in Phantom at all tbh. And Brad. Brad was great. Even though his voice was a little weak sometimes, I loved the way he poured his emotions into Erik, especially in the Final Lair. “Christine, i love you…" That moment, wow, it was just so beautiful. The heartbreak in his words was so palpable and my heart twisted at his sorrow in the Final lair. The little “I love you" as he buried his face into the wedding veil and sobbed was just so argh it made me want to cry. All in all, the cast and the stage and everything was just amazing and I loved it all.

Well, for the not so amazing parts of yesterday… audience related *sighs*

Omfg cell phones. I wanted to punch a couple of people when they just kept using their phones as the light was just so irritating because it was just so glaring in darkness. And the ushers had to keep stopping people from taking photographs/using their phones and the hushed whispers just ruined it for me tbh.

On a slightly happier note, after yesterday, my friend who has previously never heard of POTO before, is now a fan of it :3