So far this year 93 laws have been passed nationwide that restrict reproductive rights. When former Tribal President Cecelia Fire Thunder stood up for women’s rights and challenged one of these laws, she was impeached.  Help us keep Cecelia’s fight alive! We’re screening Young Lakota 93 times to fight these assaults on women’s rights. Are you joining us on the ‪#‎Roadto93‬?

Tumblr– We need YOU!

We’re on the ‪#‎Roadto93‬.

This year we’re taking ‪#‎younglakota‬ on a grassroots tour all over the country– and we want to come to you. 

We’ll be screening on reservations, in schools, churches, community centers, even your living room.

With the constant attacks on women’s health and‪#‎reproductiverights‬, the fight for ‪#‎reproductivejustice‬ needs your voice!

Are you ready to join us on the #Roadto93?

Host a screening, or donate to add your voice to this critical fight.