Hunny wanted to bring baon to work also so I made two batches of what’s in the picture. My suki fish vendor also gave us an extra slice so I made steamed and grilled varieties (para di sayang sa oras), with blanched and roasted veggies.

Now I know how a mom feels when preparing her children’s baon for school :)) #ironcheflangangpeg #healthyeating #balikalindog #roadto2014

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Happy New Year! Hello 2014! Today we start the #roadto2014

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Ride Report (17 Nov 2013)

After a short night’s sleep, somehow felt rested. Did three mostly easy hours with LT, HK, RM, TL, K? up Oak Creek and out onto part of Cherry Pie. Contested 3 or 4 sprints and lost them all :(

Race Report 32 (16 Nov 2013)

45 minutes of cyclocross racing at Camp Harlow. There was 1 good minute. The first thirty seconds, where I started in the front row, moved from sixth to third going into the barrier and run-up, and the last thirty second, when the guy in front of me lost his rear wheel in the turn 200 ft from the end, I made up a 100 ft gap, and then out-sprinted him to the line. The in-between 44 minutes, I moved from third to seventh (out of a 9 man field?).