The Taste of "Lava" Soap

by Samsaran 

Yes, I actually did once have my mouth washed out with soap. It was when I was six years old and my Dad and a couple of his army buddies were restoring a 1936 Roadster in our garage. My Dad also had taken to home brewing beer so he had a pony keg on tap. 

Now they would start out in dead earnest working on that car for about the first half hour. Then, they’d tap the keg and start swapping stories. Now, this was boy heaven for me. My Dad would say “son, grab me that ¾ inch socket would ya” and I would scurry over with it and feel so helpful and grown up.

I knew I had to stay inconspicuous as they got warmed up though. The stories would get raunchier and the language saltier as the day progressed. Now I did not understand much of what was said but I did know that Marlene the receptionist had some “serious Gazongas” which I figured to be either a kind of drum or maybe a pet bird like a parrot.

 All I know I sure wanted to see them whatever they were because my Dad and his friends were awfully impressed. Well, after a point they forgot all about me and the profanities got more and more intense.

Now, I didn’t really understand that these were “dirty” words. I knew the “S” word and had a vague idea that there was an “F” word but I had no idea what it meant. I did know that they had a favorite word they used for just about everything that required emphasis. 

So, one fine day after a day of “working” in the garage my Mom came in and asked me if I knew where her guest towel had gotten off to (I used them for superhero capes) and I replied: “no Mom I have no idea where that c********r is”. 

The earth stood still. 

My Mom’s jaw dropped. Then she looked at my Dad and his buddies who tried to look ashamed while stifling hysterical laughter. My Mom snatched me up and stuck a greasy bar of Lava soap in my mouth gave my Dad a look that could curdle milk and stomped back into the kitchen.

Now, Lava soap isn’t that bad. It is a bit grainy but the flavor is downright delicate. My Dad took the bar out of my mouth and put it in his own mouth. Then each of the men took put the bar in their mouths. You see, we men stick together.

A box of chocolates (part 5)

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I hold in my smile and look at Luke, anticipating his next move…

“You think you can just flirt with our tour guide while I’m there?” Luke says while unbuttoning his shirt.

“I was just trying to be polite. I don’t see wha-” 

“Oh don’t fucking give me your little ‘I don’t know?’ Bullshit. You know what you were doing..” He says while throwing his shirt to the side, revealing his chest and broad shoulders.

I can’t help but stare in aw, he isn’t super fit but he is still absolutely stunning. 

“Do you think Calum can make you feel better than I could?”

I don’t answer.

“Answer me.” Luke says, pulling my ankles toward the end of the bed so he can ball my shirt up in his fist and pull me up into a sitting position.

I bite my lip and smirk, looking him in his now lust filled eyes.

“You wanna be punished kitten?” He says while placing soft pecks along my neck.

“I don’t know Mr. Hemmings..” I say while letting out a small moan..

“You don’t know what?” Luke says against my neck as he starts to suck and nip at my skin.

“I don’t know if Calum could make me feel better than you could.. Maybe you should show me.” I softly reply as I feel him place his hand on my covered heat.

“Maybe I should.. Now strip.” He says in my ear, moving away from me and unzipping his casual blue jeans that he wore for the tour.

I start to unbutton my white blouse, still keeping eyes contact as he pulls off his jeans. I stand up and pull off my shorts, leaving me only in my red bra and black lace panties.

“Stay like that…” Luke commands, looking me up and down as he comes toward me.

He places his hands on my waist pulling me into his chest. I place my hands on his shoulders as we lock lips and deepen the kiss. Luke and I fall back on the bed thats behind us, still keeping up the kiss. I lower my hands to his waist, tugging a bit at his black briefs.

“You want me to take these off baby?” He mumbles as he places wet kisses down my neck to my collar bone.

“Please Luke..”

“Ah. You either call me sir or Mr. Hemmings.” 

“Please Mr. Hemmings..”

“Please Mr. Hemmings what?”

“Sir, please just fuck me!”

“Thats it..” He mumbles against the mark he just made on my upper left breast.

He lifts me up a bit and unstraps my bra, surprisingly well. 

“Your tits are so beautiful kitten.” He says as he starts to suck on my nipple and pinches the other between his thumb and pointer finger.

“Please Luke! Just fuck me!”

“What did I say about calling me Luke?”

“I-Im sorry sir…” I say, liking the dominance that Luke has over me.

“Pull my cock out baby..” He says while he rubs my clit through my panties.

I sit up a bit and pull his briefs down, I grab his throbbing hard on and move my hand up and down his shaft as he lets out a low groan.

“Baby, if you keep that up I’ll cum.” He says stopping his movements on my clit and grabbing my wrist, moving my hand away from his dick.

“Please sir..”

“Your such a little slut, huh kitten?”

“Yes Mr. Hemmings, I’m a little slut.”

“Not just anybody’s slut, you are my little slut.” He says as he slowly sinks into me.

“Yes..” I moan out as I throw my head back

“Get this right baby..You. Are. Mine. This pretty pink pussy belongs to me.” He says as he thrust deep inside of me, making me let out high pitched moans I’ve never even knew I could make.

“Yes Mr. Hemmings!” I say as I drag my nails down his back, for sure leaving red marks.

“Who owns this pussy?” He whispers with his deep voice in my ear as he lets out grunts with every thrust he makes.

“You!” I yell out as I start to move my hips up into his, my climax slowly approaching.

“Thats right kitten.” He says as he grabs my legs and wraps them around his waist.

I have been with many people, both genders as well… But I haven’t ever experienced this much pleasure from anyone before.

He starts to move his hips faster, gripping my waist as he makes the bed hit the wall in loud thuds with every movement. He places his fore arms on both sides of my head, looking me in the eyes. He slows down his thrusts a bit and the once casual jealous fuck turns into our bodies moving in a sensual way.

I wrap my arms around his neck, letting out soft moans as he whimpers in pleasure, telling me how good I feel around him. I clench around his cock, him letting out a small grunt as he keeps rocking his hips in and out of me.

“Cum with me baby..”

I nod and close my eyes.

“Let go..” Luke softly mutters in my ear as we both cum.

Luke does a couple more thrusts and pulls out, lying down next to me and pulling me close as we fall asleep…


I wake up with Luke’s arm around me, holding me against his naked chest.

I carefully pull his arm off of me and head to the bathroom, smiling to myself from the blond giant that looks so comfortable and cute wrapped up in the bed sheets. Only if my bladder wasn’t feeling as if it was going to explode.

I go pee and come back in the bedroom to see Luke still in the bed, but with his hands behind his head giving me a smirk.

“Hello..” I say, giving him a smile from the door way of the bathroom.

“Good morning..” He says as he gets out of the bed in all of his naked glory and walks over to me.

“Do you care to join me in the shower?” I say, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the bathroom.

“I would love to..” He says, backing me up into the sink and placing a kiss on my forehead, my nose, then my lips.

I let out a small giggle and turn around so I can turn on the shower. Luke wraps his arms around my waist and puts his head on my shoulder, placing a quick kiss to my neck.

When the water is warm, Luke and I step into the shower. He keeps his arms around me and we wash up. I massage my hands through his hair with the shampoo, he holds my forearms and closes his eyes with a grin as he leans into my touch. He lowers his hands to my waist and placing a kiss on my lips as we rinse the soap off our bodies. I turn off the water and step out grabbing a towel to dry off, Luke doing the same.

“So I have a meeting tonight with some executives over dinner, I was wondering if you would care to join.” He says  while putting on a pair of boxers and his signature suit and tie.

“I would love to.” I reply, putting on a dark blue dress that shows off my curves.

“Well, we better get going then, we have some errands to run today!” He says as he slips on his dress shoes.

I put on my heels and follow Luke out the door and to the tesla roadster in his garage.

“Nice car.” I say with a smirk.

“Just got it when I got the penthouse.” He says as he opens the door to the car for me to step in.

“Why thank you Mr. Hemmings.” I say in a fake proper tone as I take a seat in the car and buckle up.

“Say that again.” He says as he closes the door and leans over it so his face is right in front of mine.

“What.. Mr. Hemmings?” I say with a smirk

“Kitten..” He says as he leans over some more so our lips meet.

He lets go of me and walks to the other side of the car and gets in.


When we get to the restaurant, we are already joined by 3 men that look older than the both of us.

“Ahh, Mr. Hemmings!” One of the elderly men says with a polite grin as he stand from his spot to shake Luke’s hand. “And who may this beauty be?” He says as he turns to me and the other 2 men shake Luke’s hand.

“I’m y/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I say putting my hand in his as he lifts it to my lips to kiss my knuckles, along with the other two.

We all sit down and are served red wine with a shrimp platter for appetizers.

“So Mr. Hemmings, you’ve been wanting to expand your company?” One of the elderly men

“Yes sir, I’ve been planning on expanding to new zealand and next would be japan.” Luke states with a grin while putting down the glass of wine he was just drinking.

While the men all have their conversation about companies and finances, I take a moment to look around the restaurant. Its very fancy I gotta admit, it has a ballroom with an orchestra playing in the back round with people dancing with the music. A chandelier and red drapes surrounding the place with the ceiling decorated in stained glass. The walls are covered in a golden patterned wallpaper. ‘Damn..’

“Excuse me miss, but would you care for a dance?” One of the elderly men asks me while sticking out his hand.

I nod and give him a smile, I don’t want to be rude to the people who will help Luke with his company… The man takes me to the floor as he places one hand in mine and the other on my hip. I start to move with him, swaying to the music as we start a conversation.

“So how long have you been assisting Mr. Hemmings?”

“Oh, I’ve known Mr. Hemmings for only a couple weeks now.”

“Really, how much does he pay?”

“Oh no, I-I don’t work for him..” I say with a nervous laugh, not wanting to screw up the conversation we’ve been having so far.

“Mmhm, and how much are you my dear?” The man whispers in my ear as his hands lower to my butt.

“Excuse me!?” I say harshly as I push the man away. “I am not a hooker!” I say for only him to hear so I don’t make a scene, but judging off of all the people staring its a bit too late.

I storm off to the table that Luke is at, sitting down next to him and watching the man walk up to the table.

“I’m sorry Mr. Hemmings, but we will not be able to finance the expanding of your company.” The man says as he gets to the table.

“W-wha, Why?!” Luke says in shock.

I look at the man, both in anger and in confusion.

“You have no right to not finance the expanding of Luke’s company! It is your fault for making a pass at me for being a prostitute and I acting upon your actions! So do not put what is your false accusation against him!” I yell at the man as I stand from my seat.

Everyone in the restaurant looks at me in shock, but I still stand strong not caring of what these people think.

“Wait what did he do to you my dear?” One of the old men ask

“He made a pass at me and made me out to be a hooker, he grabbed my bum and asked how much I was.” I say with venom in my voice, staring at the man who thought I was  hooker.

“What?!” Luke says standing up from hiss eat and looking at the man, anger written all over his face.

“I am so sorry y/n! Mr. Crawford, we will no longer be needing your assistance!” One of the old men say.

“It isn’t my fault she dresses like a whore! She was practically begging for it in that dress!” Mr. Crawford states.

“Just because I decided to wear a dress that fits me and shows mt figure, does not mean I am a whore or am I asking to be sexually harassed! I will wear what I please and will treated with respect!” I say to him.

“Leave.” Luke says through clenched teeth, his face turning red in fury.

Mr. Crawford looks at everyone at the table and finally departs. I lay my hand on Luke’s shoulder, him looking to me as I give him a comforting smile so he can realize that its ok now.

He returns my smile and we sit down, finishing the meeting and going back to the car.

“I swear to god if I see that motherfucker ever again…” Luke mumbles once we get in the car.

“Hey, its ok now.” I say facing him and placing me hand on his thigh.

“I gotta say, it were so fucking hot when you yelled at that guy in front of everyone and didn’t care that people were staring.” He says as he leans over to place a kiss to my lips.

The kiss is soon interrupted by a text to Luke’s phone.

We stop what we’re doing as he pulls out his phone and clicks on the notification.

“Its a blocked number?” Luke says in confusion

Luke’s once confused demeanor is turned into one of shock and fear.

‘Luke, what is it?” I ask as I reach for the phone.

He hands it over and I look down at it to see a picture of me standing in the restaurant yelling at the man.. I read the text and then I feel as if I’ve been kicked in the lungs multiple times…

You never did take peoples shit..That’s one of the reasons I love you…’


Part 6