Passenger - Let Her Go 


Ta Da! 

My Secret Santa is @incredisturbeepy. They expressed a fondness for Max and Furiosa—in any kind of relationship—so I created this! 

Footage: Obviously from Mad Max Fury Road
Song: Obsidian by Hit the House

I do not own any of these characters, audio, or footage. 

Also, special shoutout to @bonehandledknife for performing excellent beta duties. This video would have looked Much different and much less compelling without their invaluable input. 

I freaking scrapped two projects before getting something I mostly liked, but was on the verge of accepting mediocrity or starting from scratch a fourth time. Bonehandledknife gave me the perfect advice for keeping the skeleton of attempt 3 and gutting it for it’s betterment. Like, down to timestamp info. It was SO helpful! 

Can’t thank you enough! 

The Open Road

Songs for driving late at night.

i. The 1975 - The 1975

ii. Champagne Coast - Blood Orange

iii. Drive (Los Angeles) - LOLAWOLF

iv. Sally’s Bedroom - Alec Puro

v. Grins - Charli XCX

vi. Drive (The 1975 Remix) - Travi$ Scott

vii. April’s Daydream - Devonté Hynes

viii. Nightstyle (Taylor Swift vs. Kavinsky) - Chambaland

ix. Still - The Japanese House

x. Telegraph Ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd) - Childish Gambino

xi. With You, Friends (Long Drive) - Skrillex

xii. Drive - Halsey