Melon baller 🔀 Melon bowl❗ 🍈 #roadsnack 😎▪So we just left Minneapolis, MN ✨ We’re left dumbfounded over that city. 🌁 Not only do they have inner city bike lanes everywhere, they also have bike trail paved pathways and off-roading trails on every lake we visited! 🚲 May not seem like a lot, but if you didn’t already know, Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes 😱 We didn’t believe it until we biked by at least 10 lakes❗ 🌅 And get this, for the 20 miles we biked all day, there wasn’t one bad part of the city where you questioned your safety 👍 By the far the cutest looking little & big 🏡 houses we have ever seen, and they’re on every stinking block 💓 One more thing has us drooling over the city, but I’ll have to wait to share this one until my next blog post 😉

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