roadside trees


Shenzhen’s “prettiest street”

A 1500-meter-long street in Shenzhen has become a must-see place for tourists and photographers when the roadside trees blossom in their charming purple and red hues in the spring.

The Xiangshan Central Street, together with its bikeways, was surrounded with great bougainvilleas and is now regarded as the most beautiful street in this coastal Chinese city.


🐞  Beautifly & Dustox  🐞

Beautifly are famous for the brightly coloured wings and riding the spring wind to search for pollen. Attracting them is easy as they are drawn to most potted plants however it is not always the best idea as Beautifly also has an aggressive nature especially if disturbed while pollen collecting.

Dustox are instinctively drawn light and are often seen in large swarms in the city. This causes problem as in their search for food, they will strip the roadside trees of their leaves. As both a offensive and defensive strategy it’s wings are coated in a toxic dust which it can send at the foe by flapping its wings violently.

June 27, 2016
  1. Cancer
     Imported smallgoods

  2. Taurus

  3. Pisces
     Roadside trees

  4. Aquarius
     Ice cream

  5. Capricorn
     Boston bag

  6. Scorpio

  7. Sagittarius

  8. Aries
     Barley tea

  9. Libra
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  10. Leo

  11. Gemini
     Classic song

  12. Virgo
     Cooking book
     Light blue

[still makes jokes about donald trump wearing a truly awful toupee even though it’s his real naturally growing hair because i know it really annoys him and ensures he’ll occasionally point at the mangled roadside tree mammal on his head and says “this is what my real hair actually looks like” which in my opinion is way funnier than him trying to pass off a toupee that looks like a dollop of expired yellow frosting as his own hair]