roadside scenery


Hongdae by Gwonie S. Nam
Via Flickr:
streetscape around Hongdae 홍대 area

Chapter 1/?: Summer Days

 Dean decides that him and Cas need to be reckless college kids, bringing it up during a Thursday night study/make out session that they should skip classes Friday morning and instead drive down to the Ozarks for an impromptu camping trip. Cas takes some convincing, but when he sees the nostalgic glint in his boyfriend’s eyes as he talks about the trips he used to take with his family, he presses a kiss to his freckled nose and hops off the couch to start packing.

  They spend the next two hours packing clothes and camping supplies, Dean chattering about how him and Sammy used to catch crawdads and minnows while his mom and dad would pack coolers for the canoes they’d float down the river later in the day. Dean and Mary would always start off in one canoe with Sam and John in the other, but along the river the boys would switch back and forth, giggling whenever their mom or dad would lift them by the armpits and plop them in the other canoe.

  The next morning, Dean is up with the sunrise, waking up his grumpy boyfriend with soft kisses all over his face and the promise of coffee if he rolls out of bed. 15 minutes later, they’re on the road in the packed Impala, Cas huddled up in the passenger seat with the blanket he grabbed off their couch. A thermos of coffee is the only barrier preventing Cas from biting his boyfriend’s head off as he whistles classic rock.

 The drive out of Lawrence and through the Kansas side is boring, flat plains of farmlands and lazy livestock flanking the roads and highways that lead to the Missouri border. Once they cross the Missouri river, Cas is actually awake, fingers intertwined with Dean’s on the seat between them. Dean’s offkey singalong to the Zeppelin album playing is the only thing that fills their comfortable silence, and has his boyfriend smiling against the window pressed to his cheek.

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