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Is it just me or do these gray wolves look kind of doggish? They’re at Jungle Adventures in Christmas, Florida. I’d love to know what you think, Naturepunk. I’m personally seeing tons of doggy characteristics myself, but you’re far better at phenotypes than I am. This was the only picture on their website of their wolves that I could find. I couldn’t seem to find any results on Google either of more pictures posted by visitors to this park, so this is the only photo to go by, unfortunately.

Those look to be dogs - like, not even wolfdogs. Just dogs. The one in the back is a spitting image of one of the pups I’m currently working with in rescue, and she’s a malamute/Samoyed mix. They all have pointy ears, dark eyes, plush coats, thick limbs, curly tails, pronounced facial masks, etc. Nothing at all about them makes me suspect wolf content. 

Here’s another photo of one of their “wolves” interacting with a visitor.

And here’s a photo of a legitimate high-content wolfdog interacting with a visitor at a different (and far more ethical) establishment: 

Obvious size difference is obvious, but if you look closer, you can also see that the high-content wolfdog has a much longer muzzle, a smooth stop to its brow, blended facial markings, rounded ear tips, and a non-feathered texture to its coat. 

Not surprisingly, looking in to it more, this park is another exploitative roadside attraction. Florida is, without a doubt in my mind, the single worst state when it comes to roadside zoos and for-profit “conservation” parks, so I’m honestly not too surprised to see this. The same establishment also has gator wrestling shows, allows staff to interact with their big cats, and, according to several visitor reviews, keeps the majority of their animals in enclosures that are far too small - several of which are floored in nothing but straight concrete. 

Not an establishment anyone should continue to support. Avoid it like the plague. 

Home, by frank_delargy

An abandoned house on a country road in the middle of Florida. A view I saw on Google maps and had planned to try to get to to photograph the milky way ‘some day’. Last night, 'some day’ came as it was a new moon with a great milky way and a clearing in the clouds that might last a few hours … and the peak night for the Perseid meteor shower. I managed to find the house and managed to see a few meteors but was unable to capture one in this location. I saw over 20 through the night and was able to capture one about 3:30 AM in a different location though.