roads in ladakh


*photo taken in Khardung La in the Indian Himalaya is the highest motorable road at 5,682 masl  as per Guiness World Records. this photo was taken on our way back to Leh from Nubra Valley. we were inside the airconditioned car for over an hour before we got in Khardung La. it was winter- beloew zero. when the car came to a halt, i got excited with the scenery, i abruptly jumped out of the car i totally forgot about the high altitude. i instantly felt a piercing headache. altitude sickness. it lasted for a few days.


Bus driving up a narrow road along the edge of the Kangra Valley, western Himalayays

DAY 2536

Jalsa, Mumbai           Mar 25/26,  2015           Wed/Thu  12:14 am

Birthday : March 26, 2015 

Maryam .. happy birthday my dear , have not heard form you for a long time … have a wonderful day and days ahead … love from us all !!

Deepika arm in arm with the two men in the life of PIKU … notice anything ??

Her hand that rests on mine is so relaxed, undisturbed, comfortable, reassured, warm and affectionate .. the other arm has twisted fingers .. hehahaaahhah !! Depicts .. discomfort, uneasiness .. hehheeheh ..

Just kidding .. !!!

At the press release of the trailer today we called the press and asked them to bring their parents along .. it was so wonderful to be in their company .. to see their children conduct their jobs, that of journalists, which perhaps they never get to see .. and then meeting all of them on stage and getting a picture taken was just amazing ..

This particular Mother simply broke down after seeing and meeting me, she never believed that one day she would get to meet me .. her son, the journalist, is the one in the dark green shirt and a beard .. such a tender moment ..

A preferred quietude overcomes many facets of our livelihood as the years go by. They do not convey disharmony or detachment or any effort to exercise segregation .. they simply plead to the companion, to the friend, to the acquaintance, that they be allowed their little moments of peace in the realm they wish to remain ..

There is great happiness and fulfilment in the practice of silence. Many saints and ‘munis’ and ‘baba’s’ of eminence have undergone periods of such routines and come away enlightened and lighter and freer ! Or so they tell me ..

Often those that consume such theory, drift away to the immense ‘shanti’ of the mountains. I wonder why the mountains ! But then I reason and think. Apart from the obvious peace that the silence of the air that brushes past these vast and huge structural nature wonders, snow capped and all, convey, there is that ominous feel purely from the vastness and expanse of their presence. Keep looking up at a peak or a mountain for a continued period of time and you virtually feel that they move beyond you, that they invite you hypnotically almost into their realm, a realm that despite the science and the invention and industry, goes beyond all … a Mountain range in Ladakh actually has magnetic property. Driving down on the swirling roads in Ladakh during my shooting schedules for ‘Lakshya’, we would stop our cars in front of this range, get off, and watch in amazement the car slowly moving towards this range on its own .. magically almost in an unbelievable phenomena … !!   

And .. then … there is always that curiosity … what lies beyond that particular mountain ! What ? I must know and if I do not then I must find out, and that then starts the attraction of the climber, who in professional capacity can dream of nothing else but that day when he or she shall venture up to the peak, not just to conquer it, but to know and discover what lies beyond the other side ..

“ is paar priye, madhu hai tum ho … us paar na jaane kya hoga ..”

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan