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⚠ GioGio stands in the distance, conflicted. Knowing very well he can't carry his papa with his strength alone. If he can't lift a roadroller like padre, then what difference is lifting Jonathan? His sharp gaze is concentrated on his papa, as to whether if he should attempt to lift him or not.

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What was your first interaction with Jojo ?

Hmm, my first exposure was probably either some adverts I’d seen in a VizMedia manga for the old Stardust Crusaders translations, the Roadroller WRYYY meme, or the You Can Play This episode on, well, the Vento Aureo PS2 game.

I thought JoJo was a pretty dumb name, and I didn’t like big-buff men shows, so I completely looked over it.

With any of those instances, I’d seen it, and then pretty much immediately forgotten about it. Though, the PS2 game looked really cool to me when I saw it, I won’t lie, and it made me remember the JoJo (or GioGio) name.

It wasn’t until about 2014 when my brother got into the series and talked my ear off about it and got me to play All-Star Battle with him (I thought Polnareff’s hair looked dumb, but I liked Silver Chariot, so I think I picked him?), until eventually I gave up and decided to marathon the Phantom Blood anime with him.

Now I’m here.

Does anyone remember

-The Troll face
-Madness?! This…. is…. SPARTAAAAA!!!
-The Philoceraptor
-Socially Awkward Penguin
-Me gusta
-You don’t say
-Well excuuuuuuuse me princess
-I hope she made lots of SPAGHETTI!
-That’s NO GOOD
-Do a barrel roll!
-I herd you liek mudkipz
-mlg yolo swag with the doritos and mountain dew
-Guy with broom going “ALL THE THINGS!”
-I don’t always ___ but when I do I ____
-One does not simply ___
-How ___ views this
-All the other image macros
-Keyboard cat
- I guess you could say *puts on sunglasses* (pun) YEEEEAAAAAHH
-All your base are belong to us
-It’s a trap!
-Nyan cat
-Gangnam Style
-Peanut butter jelly time
-What the fu-BOOOOOOM
-SnooPING AS usual I see
-I’ll have to give myself a PRRRROMOTION
-*squishes someone with roadroller* WRYYYYYY
-It’s time to D-D-D-D-D-D-Duel!
-The car with the three people grooving
-Fucking magnets how do they work?
-Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! *Kool-aid Man shows up* Oh yeah!
-Pepperidge farms remembers


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‘Satellite’ by Sara Hartman

“I’ll take your time
I’ve used up all of mine
Down this road
Roll down a window
It’s okay, we’ll just follow the shine

Cause sometimes you just know, you know, you know
Sometimes you just go, you go, you go
When it’s right, it’s right, it’s right
Are we a star? Are we a satellite?“

Send Me A Vocaloid Item (or two)
  • Negi (Leek): How long have you been a Vocaloid fan?
  • Aisu (Icecream): Who are your favorites?
  • Orange: Who was the last Vocaloid you heard?
  • Banana: What song was it?
  • Roadroller: How do you like to see the Kagamines - as mirror images, as twins, as lovers... twin lovers?!
  • Tuna: What language do you like to hear Vocaloids sing in best?
  • Sake (Alcohol): Do you have any favorite producers? List them please~!
  • Carrot: List 3-5 of your favorite Vocaloid songs!
  • Eggplant: Name your Vocaloid OTPs (if any)!

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As much as I want an amnesia episode, this is how I want things to go down; 'Just a friend' Marco breaks up with Jackie (or the other way around) because Marco only feels friendships towards her. 'Face the music' Marco entered a battle of the bands along with Oscar and possibly Alfonzo and Ferguson, does an amazing job as the singer and Star must acknowledge her feelings for him. 'Starcrushed' um ... Marco turns evil for a brief period of time until Star snaps him out of it somehow.

Perhaps after breaking up with Jackie at the end of “Just Friends”, Marco falls in some sort of “moody” phase and joins this band in a desperate attempt to look like a bad boy again, like his pre-Star personality. 

Face The Music” focuses on the princess making him understand that he’s a good guy and doesn’t need to be “bad” to impress girls / people around him. Following the musical theme of the episode, this may lead to a Starco duet or something, possibly a parody of such duets as Star and Marco are dorks and so really bad at singing this feely song but just follow the romantic Disney tropes anyway and destroy our ears in the process.

“Starcrushed” is 22 minutes of Star screaming and crying in agony as she’s getting crushed by a roadroller for the entire episode.


Round four of Otakon pictures because jOJO’S CON. Here are the individual shots I got from people floating around the Saturday shoot

Round one - jjba individual shots (outside the shoot)

Round two - jjba Saturday shoot (part ½)

Round three - jjba saturday shoot (2/2)

Round four - yer here!

As before: if you spot yourself, shoot me a message or lemme know with a reblog and I’ll make sure to tack on the credit!!

Trish Una (first photo) - stoned–free

President Valentine - a-trex

TEQUILA JOE - roadroller-da

Giorno with the arrow - stephachan

Bruno (who really wishes Giorno would stop stabbing other things and themselves with the stone arrow) - kishibewave

The perfectly purple Joseph - happyun-birthday

Trish (behind Okuyasu, seventh picture) - dolflamingo

Giorno (in front of Okuyasu, seventh pic) - czeppeli

Stone Ocean Dio - lorddio

Mista (final pic) whose shoes I wish to steal - hotgiraffes

Epic champion Fugo (I couldn’t even think about wearing my Hermes platforms and you are superior to me) - gloriouslily


Here I come with some Christmas pictures for my dear friends! <33
I’m sorry that I did not upload them yesterday, I got pretty early to bed, so to speak. XDD

I’m going to draw some more pictures for more people, they might just take some time <333
These people I haven’t known for very long, but I hope I will learn to know you guy’s better! *hugs*
Loves you all!
First off, a little something for Rae! ( raeosnowflake / star-embrace) <3

Merry Christmas sweetie!

Next! SPAAADAH, here you go~~ <3 ( roadrollered / holysworddurandal )

Hope you like it! (sorry if i got some things wrong) OTL 

And the last present for today, (at least for now) Is for our best Raven around!  (Tenrui / Vanji-lost ) <33

A Merry O'l Christmas for ya! <3 

 I hope you all like them! :3c
*snuggles you all*