With you, it is always this.
I have said “cinnamon” so many times
thinking about your lips,
you’d think the bitter
at the back of my throat
would be sweeter.
It is always your street,
even when they stole your name
from the roadpost on the hill,
and I took it as a sign to forget.

It is always the smoke
the glass
the winter
the things I have to see you through,
it’s never a clear view.
You are always leaving me behind,
and I am always writing the same goddamn poem,
about the lighter in your hand
and the soot in my eyes,
always between reason and regret,
it is always you, you, always.

—  You Always You - Paola F.
Post It Forward

Post It For Kindness

Post It For Caring

Post It For Friends

Post It For Family

Post It For That Girl Who’s Struggling In School

Post It For That Boy Who’s Headed Down The Wrong Road

Post It For Those Teenage Parents Who Aren’t Sure How To Raise A Child

Post It For That Homeless Person You Saw Yesterday

Post It For That Family That Just Lost A Loved One

Post It For Those Kids Who Are Afraid To Go To School Because Of A Bully

Post It For That Child Who Doesn’t Have A Proper And Kind Home

Post It Because You Care,

Post It For You,

Post It Forward.

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