This absolutely gorgeous painting was sent in by an artist and fan Karina Alons. She writes of her inspiration below:

“My American friend Amy came with me to a concert for Mumford and Sons in Amsterdam and there they captured my heart.

It was half way through the concert when they played Dust Bowl Dance and fireworks came as rain down when I got inspired to make a painting.

You can read music from Ted’s face and that is why I chose him as the subject of my painting. I worked half a year on this, so I hope you like it.”

This is just breathtaking. Karina captured the emotion on Ted’s face so perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope the rest of you enjoy it as well!

Title: Dust Bowl Dance
Series: Gentlemen of the Road
Pictured: Ted Dwane
Dedicated to Amy

(Acrylics on canvas 60x80 - Artist: Karina Alons 2016)

princesssnapdragon  asked:

Can you try and describe cursed images/what a photo requires to be cursed?

Good question! There’s a wide criteria, most of it comes down to a “vibe” you get from the image; if you were in this place, with the lighting in this image, doing the things being done, would it feel surreal?

It mostly comes down to lighting in honesty or surrealism, at least in my opinion. They often feel as if they have a deeper story behind them that we will never truly know, or are simply inexplicable. Images can be made cursed, or can “grow” in power over time (and multiple layers of jpg artifacts and whatnot.)

As detailed in this post (not made by us), some common signs of a cursed image are:

  • timestamp
  • use of flash
  • red eyes
  • glowing eyes (on pets)
  • low res
  • subject is looking directly into the camera
  • subject is looking directly into the camera and not smiling
  • everyone in the photo is looking directly into the camera and none of them are smiling
  • picture looks like it was taken in someone’s aunt’s house
  • the decor and fashion is always slighly dated in almost the exact same way
  • picture taken outside at night on an empty road
  • picture taken outside at night near a school
  • picture taken outside at night, with everything not immediately in the foreground sinking into undifferentiated darkness
  • light glinting off of someone’s glasses
  • mirrors
  • orbs
  • if people assume it was taken in russia
  • if it was actually taken by chris maggio

There are many other criteria, but what it comes down to is how it makes you feel! Images can also be blessed or simply have a high “power” to them but not going either way. Hope this helps!