Four pomodoro focus sessions later and here are some statistics flash cards four your feeds ♡
Sending positively blue vibes your way~

New Studyblr!!!

Hello!! I’m Natasha and I’m 18 and an IB student from Singapore. I love sushi and love love LOVE making notes! I only recently stumbled upon studyblrs (it honestly felt like finding gold hahah) and i think this community is so so wonderful and lovely :-) I am extremely OCD when it comes to making notes/ organising my stuff and i also do a little typography once in a while. I would love to post more pictures of my notes (like this one) but unfortunately i have yet to find a way to edit my pictures to produce that crisp, clean kinda look (yknow what i mean? haha i probably sound a little insane) so for the time being i’m just exploring all the studyblrs and trying to find more inspiration for my notes. Speaking of which, there are so so many wonderful studyblrs around and i though i’d share a few which i thought were absolutely amazing!

@studytwice / @chic-studies / @studie-s / @imaginativenotebook / @foxandstar / @studysthetics / @roadmapplus / @starbucksandstudies/ @studydiaryofamedstudent / @elkstudies / @krispyklene / @studypetals / @studybuzz / @stuhdys / @reviseordie

[Oh! and this is my sideblog :-) My main blog is @spectacularz !]

Lentil Studies Introduction Post

Hello! I’ve only been here for a short time, and I’ve almost reached 1000 followers, which is crazy *-*

I’ve only been posting pictures of my notes, so I haven’t done very much on here yet. But here’s an introduction post, and I hope through this I can meet more people in the community!

I’m Lentil (it’s a play on words with my real name, but I’m not that comfortable sharing that here >.<). I live in the US, I’m 17, and in the class of 2017, so I’ll be graduating from high school this year. Although I like school I’m very much a Hufflepuff (even my patronus is a badger heh). I love reading and music and art. This is a sideblog for my art blog Lentil Art (though I haven’t posted on there for awhile).

I’ve joined this community mostly because I really really like stationary, and I like being neat! I have a bujo that I use to keep track of my work, and I generally post pictures of my own notes here (I haven’t reposted anything yet, but I’ll probably start soon).

I think that’s pretty much it! Some studyblr’s that have inspired me are: @bluelahe @studyblr @soymilkstudies @aestudier @mochi-studies @tbhstudying @studyign @sushi-studies @etudiaire @hardworkign @eintsein @roadmapplus @takecaredarling @studie-s @metanoiastudies @katsdesk @joo-ah-lee @livsdesk @stillstudies @sootudying @studywithinspo @studylustre

I decided to go back and refill some of the blank pages in my journal. In this spread I did a little “notes” doodle (apparently I am still not ready to let go of Christmas 🎅🎄🎁) and also took some useful notes on the super helpful magazine by @roadmapplus (this was from their most recent issue no.7: habits). If you have not checked out their magazine or tumblr yet I highly recommend that you do. There stuff is so #aesthetic 👌and really high quality. 😊😊😊

Hello! I actually joined the studyblr community a little less than a year ago, but I’ve been so inactive that I thought a reintroduction post was in order. I used to be studybuz btw!! 


name: Bindu 
age: 16 (I turn 17 on October 20th!)
grade: 12th

learn more about me on my about page yeah I’m too lazy to type out random facts tbh

things that i think are pretty radical:

  • my main blog!! 
  • people because I love friends and talking so talk to me!! hit me up in the handy chat feature please!!! 
  • tv and movies and books like you name it there is a high chance I like it like STUDIO GHIBLI I LOVEEE (have you seen my mobile header like yeah) and HAMILTON!! YEAH!! 
  • pretty things and original posts!! I need to do more of both!!! 

That brings me to my next point! I really want to make more original posts, of my not extremely aesthetically pleasing but I’ll try anyway life and other cool stuff which is vague but yeah!!! I also want to make a studygram/studytube in the near future too yayya!! yas studyblr!! go school!! jk lol ew school who likes that entity 

Please reblog this!! Talk to me, I love to hear from you all and thank you so much for letting me be a part of this community, I can’t wait for so many cool things to come in the future tbh I’m so excited for this blog 

I love you for reading this post and keep being amazing (please rebLOG), my lovely stars *throws confetti for cover as I magically disappear into depths* 


Blueberries to match the blue(ish) theme of my notes~ Stats is starting to grow on me haha (hopefully I don’t regret these words in the future 0.o)
Wishing everyone loads of luck in their (summer) studies! (^_^)v

Probability has taught me never to gamble. Ever.
I hope your chances of having a good day are high today!! \(^o^)/

Hello, world! I’m Rachel, better know as the sleep-deprived, coffee consuming high school junior senior who’s obsessed with books, adores cats, and has a great weakness for cute stationary. I accidentally stumbled upon the studyblr community a few days ago and after stalking a ton of studyblrs out there finally mustered up the courage to introduce myself.

I usually take “rough” notes in class and then redo them in a more aesthetically pleasing format a day of two before an exam as I’ve found it helps me to remember the content much better. I’ll be starting summer school in a couple of weeks and want to track my progress in that class, which is partially why I decided to join this wonderful community. Since I’m a rising senior, I also want to get ahold of my life, stay motivated, get (even more) organised, and just share my creations with all you beautiful humans out there!

Speaking of beautiful humans, here are the marvellous studyblrs that have really motivated me and inspired me to create my own [there are a lot, just letting you know]:

@studytwice / @chic-studies / @studie-s / @areistotle / @studysthetics / @roadmapplus / @starbucksandstudies / @studydiaryofamedstudent @elkstudies / @studypetals / @asazora / @ashleystudies / @reviseordie / @arcane-sonder / @baektostudying / @dyslexicstudying / @emmastudies / @etudiaire @elenas-studies / @fiercelittlestudyblr / @geekchild / @hermionegoals / @joo-ah-lee / @katsdesk / @littlenotebook / @mindpalacestudy / @milkystudies / @muststudy / @mochi-studies / @sushi-studies / @nctebook / @obsidianstudy / @organised-student / @pre-stressing / @peach-hugger / @studyign / @studyrelief / @thearialligraphyproject / @the-brightest-witch-studies / @thepurplestudies / @universi-tea

To be fair, I did warn you haha ^///^ Please reblog this for other studyblrs to reblog (cycle continues) so I can follow all of you wonderful people! Thanks for reading this - I’ll see you on the other side!

7.25.16 // It’s been a year since I had to say goodbye to my fur baby, and now I finally feel like I might be able to tackle this book. We’ll see how this goes.. For you, my pretty golden angel pup ✨

breath-of-study  asked:

Hi!!! I'm a new studyblr and I'd like to make some new friends! Are there any awesome & motivational studyblrs you recommend? THANK YOU ;~; ps your blog is 👌🏼👌🏼i luh it omg

HELLLLOOOOO i am sorry for the late reSpoNse (literally me @everyone right now ><) and thank you so much hng <333 hmmm well i actually don’t talk to a lot a lot of the studyblr community on here, but some blogs that i know of off the top of my head would be

  • @elkstudies (have not ever talked to her but v nice blog)
  • @academla (v nice person v nice philosophy on life v ambitious)
  • @cortisols (v nice photos)
  • @roadmapplus (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am always always in awe of their pictures like wOW)
  • @kimberlystudies (seems to have a v nice personality)
  • @study-ings (how do u blog like u)
  • @somestudy (also anime trash fan like me + beautiful photos)
  • @areistotle (phenomonal masterposts)

this is by no means it; these are just some blogs that i feel like are a bit well-known/i talk to, and therefore came to mind immediately. though if you are a studyblr and you wanna let this person know, u can like/reblog this post to show them?? :’)

also………she is not a studyblr….but i love reading her blog/her as a person so u should check out @polizicalscience bc she’s great uwu

edit: also adding @gracelearns and @tbhstudying bc my bbs :-)))

and also @fuckstudy whom i forgot the first time around bc im dumb

hello everyone!

it’s a low hw, rainy day, so why not blogrates? this is also a smol celebration because it’s almost been a month since I’ve made this blog!! *throws confetti*

a huge thank you to @gracelearns​ for the rates scale! 

all you need to do is follow @studybuz​ and reblog this post!! please :)

send me a message about your day, a question for me, or basically anything! 

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kxyestudies  asked:

hey there sam! i'm pretty new to the studyblr community and will be starting my a-levels programme really really soon. would you mind recommending me a list of good studyblrs i could follow? thanks a ton! xx

hi!!! okay so I have way too many fave studyblrs (you can check out my blogroll here for a full list) but here are a couple and i probably missed a lot of them i’m so so so sorry if i forgot you i still love you ok

@studybuzz @study-ings @cmpsbls @academla @studeying @gryhffindors @vestiblr @kimching232 @elkstudies @etudiance @elevenfortystudy @revisicn @roadmapplus @tbhstudying @theblacklocus @notefying @studysthetics @fuckstudy @coffeesforstudiers @brbimstudying @nehrdist @studyplants

Finally on to the next chapter in my stats course~~~ The likelihood of you having a great day is (hopefully) highly probable when you read this caption. -insert wink wink here-

Hello, everyone!

Greetings, everyone in the studyblr community! I’ve seen a lot of these intro posts and I thought I might as well make one for myself. I’ve actually had this blog for a while, but I’ve never posted anything myself but I think now I’d like to start :D

A little about me: my name is Allie, I’m 19 and live in the US, my major is psychology and I am going to community college to get my associates degree before transferring to a university to get my Bachelors. I only go part-time to school part-time, so this will be my 3rd year in college, and my last year at community college (hopefully!)

Some of my favorite studyblrs (in no particular order): @fuckstudy @elkstudies @studyign @post–grad @liberalartssociety @theorganisedstudent @themarchstudies @thecoffeedesk @study-law @stud-tea @roadmapplus @marizastudies @quilavastudy @my-little-studyblr @katsdesk @delthenerd (and plenty more because I’m sure I’ve missed some)

My semester is starting in a few weeks so I’m going to try my best to post original content. Also I’m always looking for more studyblrs to follow so like or reblog this or just ask me and I’ll check you out :D (my main blog is @notsospecialblog so I’ll follow from there)

Anyway, good luck to everyone and happy studying! :D