Meet Barrett. Honorary #vanlife member and our most recent stowaway. Known as @bear_caldwell on these here instagrams, Barrett is a great #roadlife / #roadtrip buddy to have along. His main strength is his uncanny skill at making it into group shots inside of 10 seconds when we use the timed shutter on our camera. That and he’s great to talk to and hear his perspectives on life. A serial traveler and hitchhiker, he offers a unique look at living life on the road. Welcome to the team Barrett!! Glad you’re here.

#vscocam #vanagonlife #vanagon #goexplore (at Big Bend National Park.)


sometimes they remark; ‘being on the road a lot, that must be tough, that’s a hard life.’ but i’m with my friends and my family, seeing new places and outrunning things and running into better things.  the road is home. it’s not hard or tough or scary its safe and it’s the happiest place and the only place we belong.