When arriving at the coast in the evening, the light was so warm and soft, that we decided to stay just right there for the night.

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How bout a tiny tour of the tiny trailer home? This will be my living space while I’m between properties, and after I’m settled at the new place, it will serve as an Air B&B type rental and guest house. #tinyhouse #traveltrailer #roadlife #roadtrip #vanlife #lifeontheroad #tinyhouseliving #oregon #pacificnorthwest #pnw

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After spending the night in the village at the end of this adventurous road, we went back for a hike through the red rock canyon. What a spectacular landscap we’ve got here!

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We finished the last things we’ve been working on and hit the road again. This time with a proper van’s interior, which is super cozy! After driving 3 days we arrived at the atlantic ocean’s coast and enjoyed some nights in the woods.

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“goodbye stump, 2.2.17”

back in feb 2015, we found a perfect oak round in the mountains above Big Sur, California. Drought was in it’s 4th straight year so dead oak trees were everywhere!

The stump became the perfect chopping block/extra stool/hot-pan holder/photo background/prop for our product shoots.  We carried that 20lb block with us for nearly 2 full years until it was ready to be retired.  It was only fitting that Carl chopped it up - he hadn’t yet decided to live on the road when we all found that stump together and now he’s approaching 3 years himself.

This would also be our last night camping for a few months so we went to a spot in sedona that is a must-vist whenever we’re nearby.

Next up - a road trip 921 miles to the north.

photo notes -

  1. carl chopping up the stump, it was the perfect amount of firewood for the chilly evening.
  2. the block in action somewhere in the dense forests of central washington.
  3. making firewood
  4. block in action near jackson hole, wy
  5. stump was the perfect background for a headlamp shoot…
  6. …and a custom @campbycamp zippo shoot.
  7. as a stool
  8. even worked as a saw-block
  9. and was versatile to be used as at the occasional night stand.

Fishers towers is one of my absolute favourite places.  I’ve been back on three different roadtrips, and will be back on many more.  It is a quick and gorgeous drive on the 128 from Moab, Utah.  You can explore endlessly, climb, and hike everywhere.  The colorado river is just on the other side of Professor Valley, and there are lots of good, cheap campgrounds, (Hal Canyon has an awesome rope swing over the river!) or you can camp right at the towers.  I cant wait to go back when i have time to spent a couple weeks exploring the whole place and really soak it in. :)


I have been getting the van ready to go west in the summer.  We are definitely going to Banff and Jasper. My last trip here was very short, It will be amazing to be able to spend as much time as we want exploring the mountains, making art and music, swimming in glacial lakes, taking amazing pictures, living in the van.  Life is good, and getting better.

Where else can you be as free as by yourself in the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of the ocean, or on the peak of a mountain. Adventure is freedom.

Daniel Norris

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