Meet Barrett. Honorary #vanlife member and our most recent stowaway. Known as @bear_caldwell on these here instagrams, Barrett is a great #roadlife / #roadtrip buddy to have along. His main strength is his uncanny skill at making it into group shots inside of 10 seconds when we use the timed shutter on our camera. That and he’s great to talk to and hear his perspectives on life. A serial traveler and hitchhiker, he offers a unique look at living life on the road. Welcome to the team Barrett!! Glad you’re here.

#vscocam #vanagonlife #vanagon #goexplore (at Big Bend National Park.)

A few months back we took Falkor to @vancafesc for some routine work. Things didn’t go well. It was one of those days we all have where things just don’t go right. It happens. And the guys at the shop were more than willing to make things right and to get a second shot. And why not? We have always had good experiences with VanCafe and wanted to maintain a good relationship. Plus they are a big important part of this awesome #vanlife community so why not try again. Today we did that and it went great. These guys are awesome, attentive and knowledgeable. They went the extra mile in installing a thermostatic fan for our transmission cooler, installed stainless steel brake lines, changed the oil and did a few other things that needed doing. And we couldn’t be happier with the experience. Everyone deserves a second chance and the boys at VanCafe came through. Many thanks fellas!!

#VSCOcam #vanagonlife #roadlife #liveworkwander (at Van Cafe)

55mph for trucks in California.. Some people hate it, others don’t mind it.. me, I don’t mind it.. Gives me a chance to relax even. I remember when Ohio was a 55mph state for trucks & they’d pull you for running 57 or 58 at times. Not all the time but often enough where some troopers we’re that strict. I’ve gotten pulled in Ohio at that time for running 58 so I’m speaking from experience.. The crazy part about it then was the tickets didn’t go on your license, they just wanted the money.. Ohio has since changed and it’s one speed limit for everyone now.. But I remember during that time, many drivers hated running across Ohio. The split speed limits have always been a concern amongst drivers, the industry & citizens even.. In states where truck speeds are 55 but car speed limits are 65 or 70, it can cause all types of chaos on the highways.. So when you’re driving your car and wondering why trucks are going so slow in some states, pay attention to the speed limit signs because it just may be a “split speed limit” state between cars & commercial vehicles.. #trucking #truckersjourney #roadlife #truckingindustry #truckdriver #speedlimit #otr #overtheroad #america #truckinglife #lifeontheroad