I have been getting the van ready to go west in the summer.  We are definitely going to Banff and Jasper. My last trip here was very short, It will be amazing to be able to spend as much time as we want exploring the mountains, making art and music, swimming in glacial lakes, taking amazing pictures, living in the van.  Life is good, and getting better.

@lightlyanchored here is a better example of how these loads can shift and slide through the back of the cab of the truck.. If a headache rack is in place, it can sometimes help slow down the impact or stop the load from going through the cab and killing the driver.. This is why load securement, good driving habits are very important.. But also people driving cars and cutting off trucks and not giving trucks enough space contributes to a lot of these accidents.. Cars waiting til the last minute to exit and cutting a truck off forcing the driver to slam on brakes to prevent from hitting them can cause these loads to shift.. Everyone has to play a part in safety to ensure everyone stays alive and make it to their loved ones.. #trucking #truckersjourney #truckdriver #trucker #truth #roadlife #journey #inmotion #lifeontheroad #overtheroad #otr #eachoneteachone

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Our dearest homies @bound.for.nowhere have officially joined #vanlife y'all! Welcome to the full time memory making, people meeting, van loving, photo taking, exploring, discovering, engaging community of voluntarily houseless dirt bags wheelin up and down and across the country, homies!! Can’t wait to #caraVanagon with y'all!

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Trucking home, deadheading 700 miles and park it for the holidays.. completed my last run for the year; taking off until after New Years..It’s been a great year.. Lots of planning to do over the next few weeks, looking to grow & expand a little in 2016.. Stay focused, stay determined and succeeding! Embrace the journey of learning curves and keep pushing.. Always remember, trucking is what you make it, figure out your lane, define your niche & master it.. Never allow yourself to get boxed in.. Early in my career I learned a bit of everything from van, reefer, flatbed, steps, auto haul, etc so I’d always have options.. Always remember, a rich person in business is a person with options.. When I decided to get my own, I allowed myself to be versatile and adjust hauling different freight when needed.. Stay wide, learn as much as you can and create the life you always wanted! #trucking #truckin #truckersjourney #truckinglife #truckdriver #trucker #roadlife #journey #lifeontheroad #overtheroad #otr #inmotion

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This was a beautiful place for the night. Wakin’ up between some fishing boats in this small village on the seaside.

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nothing says good morning like the early morning Cali flow.. lol you can’t even get frustrated in this; just turn up the radio and start singing instead and you’ll brew through it in no time😆 #trucking #trucker #truckersjourney #truckdriver #truckinglife #calitraffic #earlymorning #roadlife #journey #overtheroad #otr #sunrise

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