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Can we just talk about how many scenarios anna green has written about bc:
High school, post-split, pre-split, meeting again after moving away, roadie for a famous band in the 70’s, gender swap, vampires, frat house, magic, mpreg, super powers, British, time travel, motorcycle gang after an apocalypse, folksinger living on a farm, famous tennis player, turning into a dog, royal family in England, Roman slave, and lord of the rings. How does she even think of any of this???? I don’t????


Happy 30th Birthday Scottish singer-songwriter, Paolo Nutini born Paisley 8th of January 1987.

Paolo’s family are descended from the Barga area of Tuscany in Italy, though his family has lived in Scotland for four generations. Paolo’s family run a fish and chip shop in Paisley.

For three and a half years, whilst he was growing up, Paolo Nutini received singing lessons from Avril McCusker. However, his parents still expected him to follow them into the family business - running a fish and chip shop. Despite this, a teacher at his school, St. Andrews Academy, recognised his talent and encouraged him to follow his songwriting career.

Paolo Nutini left school to work as a roadie for the band Speedway, as well as performing live himself. He performed solo, as well as with Dome and Dick from The Dongues. Paolo also went on to work at Glasgow’s Park Lane Studio.
Paolo Nutini’s big break was quite an unusual one. During a homecoming concert for David Sneddon, staged by local radio station 102.5 Clyde 1, Paolo won an impromptu quiz. He was given the chance to get onstage and perform a couple of his own songs, whilst the crowd waited for Sneddon’s arrival. A member of the audience was so impressed with the performance that he offered to become Paolo’s manager.

Nutini was then invited to perform on BBC Radio Scotland after a journalist from the Daily Record saw him perform at the Queen Margaret Union. At the age of 17, Nutini moved to London and performed regularly at Balham’s Bedford pub. He was soon offered support slots with KT Tunstall and Amy Winehouse, the rest, as they say is history. 

It’s quite difficult posting a song here as I love his work, I hunted down this live version of him covering Caledonia at The Garage in Glasgow, his Scottish accent shines through in this, I don’t mind saying this song whoever sings it makes me well up

More sketches from yesterday’s stream, band AU where victoria sings, chloe plays the drums, and you know what kate and max plays. 

Where they’re so tired from the gig and just everyone just finds a place to fall asleep in their hotel room. max falls asleep in the tub, chloe’s foot. OH AND props to sumrallmind and applecinnacake for the ideas

So y’all might remember when I made that big Funyons push

Funyuns got back to me and let me know that unfortunately they couldn’t reblog my original comic for legal reasons (although I think the image of a tableful of serious-faced lawyers poring over my goofy tumblr post is even better). But let it never be said that @funyuns isn’t a stand-up snack food company! Because the other day this mysterious package arrived on my doorstep…

I’m about to become a roadie for the Funyuns band! But gosh what could be inside this mysterious magician box????




A few days ago I drew thing about what if my two favorite yokai (Verygoodsir and Payn), and since it turned out decently well design wise… I decided to attempt digital art AGAIN! Surprisingly enough I actually loved how this turned out!

One more thing, if you’re wondering what the concept of this fusion yokai– it’s a band roadie kind of concept!

*ingore the fact that I drew it with a human form, I’m still kind of working on the yokai design for no reason, and I’m just in a human ish forms rn–*


Halsey on Roadies | ‘Joining Our Band’ Official Clip

new perspective, chapter 2/4 [jesse mccree/hanzo shimada]

When Gabriel calls him up and says that Ana’s daughter is currently working the soundboard for a band that just lost their guitar tech and is in desperate need of a new one, Jesse jumps at the opportunity. He’s sick of bartending and working house for the shithole club he’s been slaving away at for the past few months in Albuquerque,desperate for a change of pace.

Gabe doesn’t give him too many details, just the band’s name – North Wind Rising, which Jesse is mildly familiar with from a hit or two on the radio recently – and the number of Ana’s daughter. Jesse will get a bunk on the roadie tour bus, a few meals provided when the occasion calls for it, and decent pay. It’s a great fucking opportunity.

aka an au where jesse is a roadie for hanzo’s band, genji wears the tightest of pants onstage, and lena and amélie are extremely in love. they’re a strange group, but jesse loves them. he just doesn’t expect to love the bassist as much as he does.

IN THIS CHAPTER: genji probably smokes too much weed and loves his cat, overwatch goes to the beach, and jesse plays smooth by santana for hanzo. plus, some more.



On this day in music history: March 30, 1967 - The album cover photos for The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” are staged and photographed in London. With the “concept of Sgt. Pepper” set, the next issue is what to put on the album cover. The main idea comes from Paul McCartney, who initially sketches some pictures of The Beatles in uniform receiving keys to the city by the mayor flanked by a group of famous people behind them. McCartney discusses his ideas with his friend, art dealer Robert Fraser who puts him in touch with graphic artist Peter Blake and photographer Michael Cooper. Once the wheels are set in motion, Blake gets right to work on the project. He asks the band what persons they would like to be in the collage behind them. They make their choices along with Blake. The bands roadies Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall go to various libraries around town and find prints of the various people in books, which Blake has blow ups made of, and then hand tints each one. A few of the subjects including Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi are not included in the final product. It will take Peter Blake and his wife Jann Haworth eight days to assemble the collage and other props for the actual photo shoot. The photo session takes place at Chelsea Manor Studios at 1-11 Flood Street in the Chelsea district of London. With The Beatles wearing their satin military styled band uniforms (designed by British theatrical costumers M. Berman, Ltd. of London), the photos for the cover, center spread and back cover are taken by photographer Michael Cooper. The cost of the staging and photo session comes to £3,000 (approximately $10,643.00 USD today), which in 1967 is considered an extravagant amount since EMI normally would budget album cover art at the time at around £50 (approx. $76.00). Upon its release, the album cover becomes an instant pop cultural icon, and among one of the most copied and parodied of all time. In 1968, Peter Blake and Jann Haworth win the Grammy Award for Best Album Cover Graphic Arts.

a daughter of Apollo who comes from a long line of Doctors (like all the way back to before they came to the U.S. from Europe) but all she wants to do is start a rock band

after years of fighting about it eventually her family comes around and starts going to her shows

They bond with her band and roadie crew and have them over for dinners all the time at their big family estate

When her band gets really popular everyone posts pictures of the group of stuffy looking older people who always sit in the back together

she keeps those pictures in a scrap book because it means so much to her that they make an effort to support her even though they don’t get it and it wasn’t what they originally wanted for her

Her band dedicates their first Grammy to her family who housed and fed them when they were first touring and were short on cash and who supported their music

They keep that Grammy on the mantelpiece of their family home for generations to come

            Rhett smiled at the person he was standing with in the wild crowd of the concert. He found that it was nice to bring a date to concerts, even if he was the bands roadie. The only issue was he liked this person, and they’d come to a few concerts and hung out with the band a lot afterwards. Their interest always seemed to be on the bands singer, and even though his close friend knew how he felt, he couldn’t help the others behavior. Watching them scream said members name at the stage, only inches away from the was sort of Everette’s last straw. He let them know that he’d ‘be right back’ before walking out of the crowd. He walked backstage, getting a pat on the back from a security guard. Rhett felt ridiculous, thinking he could make a statement on someone like them, sitting pitifully in the dressing room and listened to their music and sighed. “Stupid boy,” He mumbled to himself, biting his lip. Soon enough, the band and the person he’d fallen for. “Sorry, was starting to get a headache.”

2000 Miles Part 1

A/N: I kind of wanted to write something towards Christmas and this was originally going to be a sequel to The World At Large, but I tried to write it so that you wouldn’t had to have read it. 

It’s set around 2002 and they’re both a bit older here and still involved with music with Rae being a radio presenter and Finn as a sort of Roadie for a band. They’re in their early to mid twenties and attempting to stay together long distance for the rest of the year while Finn travels as part of his job. I’ve struggled with this since early November, but  I owe a huge, huge thanks to @redprairielily for taking the time to read this and sort out the typos and not very good parts. I’m still not fussed with my writing in general this last month or two but finishing this let me push through some of the winter blues and start writing a bit again.

It was always the warmth that left first. That blissful heat from arms draped over her waist deep in sleep. The reassuring weight of him, the heat of his skin, of his lips brushing her forehead and her hair. He faded quickly from the sheets and the only sign he had been there was the slight dent in the pillowcase. She stretched and reached to his side of the bed and ran a hand to smooth over the ghost of his outline as she got up.

It was still early. The street lights outside were still on and it hadn’t quite gotten light enough for dawn to break properly through the mid November morning. The red digits of the alarm clock on the other side of the bed relentlessly counted down the minutes till it would just be her for the next few weeks, for the next month she remembered. The digit on the right morphed from a nine to a zero as six am arrived. Maybe if she glared at them long enough they would stop altogether.

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