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Celebration Day 2 Debrief

And so we start with day 2!

Intro/ Concert Footage

This time we had a morning session so we were the first ones to go through the agenda. Damaris came out once again and we did a moment of silence for P, followed by a moment of celebration as well where we SCREAMED for our professor.

A couple of great quotes from Damaris :

“A year ago we all gained an ancestor.”

“Be proud that your love for Prince is greater than your sorrow.”

“Even if you never touched him you still felt him.”

The concert footage this time with something that we were all ready and not ready to see… Piano and a Microphone Gala footage from the very first show at Paisley Park. Tough because that concert took place on the very stage that we were seated in front of, but it was gentle because he was amazing and playful and very chatty… And have to be honest….Very very sexy on purpose. A Charming Savage to the very end. 💜🕊️

Revolution Panel

Great moments…

When helping Wendy deal with her first show, the best advice he ever gave her : “When you’re nervous like that, use that feeling. Cut your body and mind in half and you’ll play right on or behind the beat, that’s where the funk is.”

Prince didn’t go to the acting or dance class the rest of the band members had to go to.

To them it was strange to see him riding a motorcycle because it wasn’t really his vibe.

Around the World in a Day was completed before the Purple Rain tour.

Prince liked fried egg sandwiches made by Lisa.

He drove a Fiat at that time.

He didn’t like turning cars off and just left them running for hours. He also encouraged others to do the same, saying that he’d pay for the wasted gas.


Mostly uneventful but I did get an NPG tamourine as a companion for my symbol one! Just need the 3121 one to complete the collection!

Iconography Panel

With Steve Parke, Afshin Shahidi, and Randee St Nicholas.

Both Afshin and Steve fell into their jobs doing things that were not related to their actual talents. In true Prince fashion he saw something in them and developed a new talent and livelihood for both of them.

The 3121 cover was shot in the Green Room at the BET Awards by Afshin.

This image was Prince seriously getting out of car at 5 a.m. 

It wasn’t staged. Randee basically followed him around during the 21 nights residency and most of the images were just taking pictures of Prince being Prince. She shot him every night between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. for 3 weeks straight.

The planet Earth cover was shot at 2 a.m. at an after-party by Afshin…With Steve Parke magic on top!

The cover was approved in about two seconds in a limo as he was leaving for the Alma Awards.

Also SUPER shout out to Randee for this shot from the 21 Nights book (please buy it if you don’t have one. The poem that goes with it is the most teasing….And horrible….And wonderful….). Extra super shout out for her having a large version of this on display as part of this panel…

Next…Ladies and gentlemen…The Revolution!

Not too much to say here of course they killed it! Stokely Carmichael of Mint Condition stepped in to sing some lead vocals for some of the songs. Susanna Melvoin also traded lead vocals with Wendy on songs as well.

Special shout-out for Roadhouse Garden, an interpolation of Mutiny, and bringing Our Destiny out of the vault as a lesson in Musicology.

Today easily could have gone a different way…and I really appreciated that it was super joyful, celebratory, and really just a big party. Fantastic job to the staff!

Revolution keyboardist shares untold stories from Prince’s soon-to-be reissued ‘Purple Rain’

June 16, 2017

The songs from “Purple Rain” are familiar. The stories behind them are not. Prince and the Revolution never really talked about them. Until now.

With remastered and deluxe versions of the blockbuster 1984 soundtrack “Purple Rain” being released on Friday, the Star Tribune spoke to Lisa Coleman, keyboardist for Prince and the Revolution.

On Prince’s involvement with this repackaging, which was reportedly in the works before his death in April 2016
“It was hard for him to ever look backwards,” Coleman said. “I can’t imagine him being involved in it. But who knows? He was such a control freak.”

Nevertheless, she felt “he’d be proud of it. They [Warner Bros.] made smart choices as far as what bonus tracks to include.”

On the band’s involvement in the songwriting
Unlike previous Prince albums, “Purple Rain” was “a band thing,” said Coleman. Prince would come to rehearsal in a warehouse and the Revolution would flesh out his ideas.

For example, Coleman said “Let’s Go Crazy” started as “a typical rock riff. I thought it was kind of silly. The more we played it, the more it developed into a sparkly, tough song. It’s sort of Disneyland, but it’s talking about life before death. The band added just the right attitude.”

On the evolution of the song “Purple Rain”
Prince had the seed of an idea in his mind, Coleman said, but the song was country or folk — and he didn’t cotton to either genre. He brought the song to rehearsal anyway.

“When Wendy [Melvoin] played those chords on guitar, it changed his mind about what the song could be. I remember his face: ‘How do you do that?’ It ignited him and the rest of us. By the end of the day, it was pretty much in shape. Except for the vocals.

“He overwrote. He wrote many more verses. We played three verses at First Avenue [at a concert in August 1983 when the song was first recorded]. He later cut it to two. Lyrically the other verse wasn’t in the same heart as the first two.”

On Coleman’s spoken opening line to “Computer Blue” — “Wendy? Is the water warm enough?”
“Isn’t it so silly?” Coleman proffered. “It was Prince. He literally handed me a piece of paper in the studio and said ‘Would you say this?’ I said, ‘When?’ ‘Right now on the mic,’ he said. ‘Stop being a wiseguy.’

“The words had no meaning in my mind.”

On “When Doves Cry”

“I didn’t think it would connect with people. I thought it was really mature. It was the most grown-up thing he’d done. There’s something about the minimalism of it that’s sophisticated. Then the lyrical content is universal. He found such a great way of addressing that old issue of us becoming our parents. It was very artful.”

On “Darling Nikki”
He recorded this song and “The Beautiful Ones” all by himself, without the Revolution. And then he played “Nikki” for Coleman in his car one night.

“I loved it. I tagged the line [about masturbation] that [people] were going to freak out about. I thought it was funny. He was like, ‘Am I going to get away with it?’ He blasted it in his car. Blew my head off. So I had to punch him in the arm. He was too good. Musically it was so cocky.”

On the new songs — starting with “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden,” which the Revolution is performing on its current tour
They were two different songs at first. Prince sang “Our Destiny,” then he had Coleman record it on lead vocals and then Jill Jones do it. Coleman said Prince was caught up about a line about Rita Hayworth that didn’t please him.

To Coleman, “Roadhouse Garden” was “such a good time. It reminds me of a sunny day in Minneapolis and things were good. We were in a good mood. Prince was really happy. It felt like a true story.”

“Electric Intercourse”
“That’s the kind of songs when little girls love Prince. It’s like ‘Do Me, Baby’ or something like that but a little more risqué. It was successful when we played it live, but in the studio it wasn’t quite as dynamic.”

“Wonderful Ass”
“Wendy and her twin sister, Susannah, are pretty famous for having nice butts. And Prince did have one of the world’s cutest butts. Prince was dating Susannah, and I was with Wendy. It was us being goofy about our girlfriends. I sang co-lead with Prince. It was a happy-go-lucky time.”

“It was one of our favorite things to play live. But it was never on the set list. He’d just call it out. It wasn’t like an official song for us. It was just so fun to play. It’s funky.”

“We Can [Bleep]”
This song grew out of a Los Angeles jam session involving Coleman’s brother, David Coleman, playing an oud, a Middle Eastern stringed instrument.

“This was when we were moving onto [the next album] ‘Around the World in a Day.’ Prince was really taken with David at the time. My brother was very schooled in Arabic and Middle Eastern music. Prince was piqued by someone who knew part of a language he wasn’t familiar with.

“David’s groove brought out Prince’s favorite thing — funky. He thought Middle Eastern music was very sexy. He married a belly dancer after that.

“The words were pretty silly. Prince was telling me to sing like Bette Davis.”

“Father’s Song”
“Prince and his dad had a very deep, important relationship. His father was a piano player. Prince really looked up to him. Their relationship needed a lot of healing. After a couple years, he started inviting his dad around more.

“This song was a healing gesture. It was important to Prince to have his father be represented. ‘Father’s Song’ is based on a melody that John Nelson wrote. Prince played piano on the recording.

“He would be pleased to have it included [in this package]. Their relationship got so much better.”

On the Syracuse concert at the Carrier Dome
“I remember Prince being super-excited about that show — that it was being filmed and televised. We did some extra-crazy arrangements of a few things. We sounded huge.

“When I watched it a couple of months ago, I was impressed with the musicianship and what a good band we were. When you’re in it, you have no idea. You’re too busy experiencing the thing to really know what it is.”

Today, I fucked up by cheating on my girlfriend, accidentally.

So this happened about 4.5 years ago, but I was just thinking about it today and thought it was TIFU-worthy.

So I was a loser for, well, always, but I’ve managed to get less losery as life went on. I age like a fine wine, and as such, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20. The same day, I met this girl, let’s call her Chelsea. We immediately hit it off, she was not who I hooked up with, but we got on facebook and started talking. Well we kind of faded for a bit since I never asked her out since I met another girl. On the internet. Playing video games. Who lived further from me than Chelsea. We’ll call this girl Sasha.

Well I decided to pursue Sasha more than Chelsea, and despite having met on Kongregate, we decided to “date.” We met in person twice over the summer, then just texted and skyped and all the long distance stuff that couples do. It was a weird relationship though, I was just not a good boyfriend at the time, not cheating or anything, just dismissive at times and ignored her to go out drinking constantly.

Well Chelsea and I started talking again more once the school year started up again, but she didn’t know I was in a relationship since I was a bad boyfriend and had my relationship status hidden from general facebook view. But I just figured I could have female friends and it would be innocent.

So Chelsea and I hung out a few times in the HUB, and at some mutual meetings and stuff, pretty innocent stuff. Never really on the weekends though, as she wasn’t 21 yet. But she was cool, fun to hang out with, and she ended up asking me out.

Now, let to preface this and point out that I was, and still am a complete and utter dumbass who is completely hopeless with women and unable to pick up on even the most obvious of signals. I thought she just wanted to hang out. She didn’t even say we were going out, just said that her roommates were busy and she wanted something to do, I said mine were busy and we could hang out. She was like, yes let’s do that. Then she gave me her address and said to pick her up on saturday and like 5.

I thought that was weird, but whatever, I can give her a ride so we can hang out.

I get there and she asks where we’re going to eat, she’s dressed up, I’m not. I am still not aware that this is a date.

She suggests we go to Olive Garden since they have a lot of vegetarian options. She then, on the 10 minute drive there spends half the time talking about this vegetarian place she wants to try since she’s vegetarian, and that Olive Garden has good vegetarian options. I’m well aware she’s a vegetarian. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse because Olive Garden was busy. Ooops.

Afterwards, I paid since she didn’t have a purse, thinking whatever, she can pay next time. Then we go back to my place to play CoD: Black Ops. I then keep answering texts from my girlfriend, while hanging out with this girl, who keeps trying to get me to make a move. She kept moving closer, putting her hand on my thighs, leaning in and laughing at all of my corny jokes that are terrible.

Long story short, we hang out and I take her home, telling her “peace.” as I drop her off.

I get home and talk about hanging out with Chelsea with Sasha. Sasha then points out I just went on a date.

I denied it for like a week before realizing that Chelsea stopped talking to me afterwards and her friends told my friends that I took her on the worst date ever. We saw eachother once a week for the rest of the school year though, and said maybe 50 words to eachother.

My relationship with Sasha did not last after that. She has a reddit account, so I’m betting she’ll see this and I’ll get a snap later.

I still don’t know what happened to Chelsea since she transferred schools and deleted her facebook.

I still maintain that I did not know I was going on a date or cheating since I didn’t know it was a date. But this is definitely a story I don’t tell new girlfriends. I do still go to Texas Roadhouse a lot though, I don’t regret going there at all.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.